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Just Fangel
Just Fangel

Age : 26
Nombre de messages : 12674
Date d'inscription : 01/12/2008

MessageSujet: Interviews   Lun 08 Mar 2010, 20:44

Nouvelles intervieux audio de Nicholas que vous pourrez écouter ici.

Citation :
Hello, everybody. This is Nicholas Brendon, calling on your telephones, and your computers. Or whatever other reading devices you may currently use.

I’m calling for a couple reasons:
Just A., To say hi, because it’s been a little while; and
B. Well … this might go to Z, so … and B., I guess we have five tickets left for the meet and greet next Saturday, in six days. And, I think you can, oh gosh, get information on Something like that. And it’s gonna be at a location by my play! Which I finish next week.

And then, all in all, I’m just calling to check in and just see how the hell you guys are doing. I just got back from the dog park, with Steve, my German Shepherd. And God, he’s such a good boy.

What else is going, on, really? The play has been lovely. The reviews have been amazing. And we have another week … and then it’s done. And then it’s done! I’ve got some things in the old pipeline that I’m waiting to hear on. But, let’s talk about movies.

Oh, I’m getting a phone call. Hold on. I have no idea who that is, so I’m not gonna answer it. I don’t trust it.

OK, so: Movies. Oh, I saw Shutter Island. And, yeah, yeah. I don’t want to ruin it for anybody, but … [Highlight to read spoilers] Leo was actually the patient. Oh no! Uh oh. I didn’t mean to say that. Yeah, he’s not really an agent, he’s not really a Marshal Agent. Oh, no! No. He used to be, but then he went crazy because his wife killed his three kids. Oh my gosh, stop! *gasp* Oh, I am horrible. Gosh, darn it.

Um, I like apples.

And you know what else I like? Coconut water. But just the plain coconut water. I have just discovered that, and I’ll tell you what: It’s changing my life.

What else is changing my life? Health care. No, I’m joking, we can’t talk about health care: Or can we? No … OK. Listen: Everyone should have insurance. That’s all I’m gonna say about that. And there’s nothing that you can say that would make me not say that. I’m gonna say it again: Everyone should have insurance. I mean, I remember when I was at law school, and my grandmother had cancer, and you know, she was denied insurance because she had a pre-existing condition.

Oh, wait, no, no: That’s Obama. I was never in law school. I’m having a hard time realizing who I am right now.

What else is going on? Let’s see, it’s pilot season, so there are a lot of auditions. And, I might be doing an animated series. I am creating one with a guy who does that, and it’s gonna be pretty, pretty awesome. So, we’re gonna have more information on that. And I’ll find out about the animated series as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, and once I find out: bada bing, bada boom. You guys will know. You guys might know before I know.

And then, I’m just waiting to hear from Criminal Minds, because it’s been a while since I’ve done an episode. So I’m hoping that they, they call me, because I love doing that show.

And, I love mangoes, too. Mangoes. I’m a really big fan of … oh, and I love, I love oatmeal. And granola with yogurt. Topped with some blueberries. I think I’m hungry right now. Oh, Lord. Oh, my.

So, I will call later and give you a rambling message. This is more of the: We have five tickets left for next Saturday’s meet and greet. So I’m, y’know, I’m just hoping that those five tickets are taken up by people who want to hang out and have dinner with this guy, right here. And whatever else we’re gonna do.

OK, my name is Nicholas Brendon, and I’m going to hang up on myself right now. And then I’m gonna call later and leave, like, an incoherent, rambling message. I hope everybody is well, across the world … and … um, uh, and, uh, um, I’m trying to think here. Yeah. Coke is it. Coke is it. Coca-Cola is it. This is not a Pepsi generation. Coke is it.
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Tar-Willow dans l'âme
Tar-Willow dans l'âme

Age : 24
Nombre de messages : 6255
Date d'inscription : 21/06/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Interviews   Mar 09 Mar 2010, 22:58

Merci Vanou, c'est interescent et il me semble que sa fessais un bye qu'il n'avais pas eu d'interviews... !
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# P'tit détective #
Faith-Kennedy Fan
# P'tit détective #Faith-Kennedy Fan

Age : 30
Nombre de messages : 21033
Date d'inscription : 28/11/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Interviews   Mer 05 Mai 2010, 22:51

j'ai compris deux ou trois trucs , mais des fois ça serait coll d'avoir un mini résumés pour les niveau faible en anglais ^^


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Other Reality
Other Reality

Age : 24
Nombre de messages : 6444
Date d'inscription : 11/04/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Interviews   Jeu 06 Mai 2010, 20:21

Moi c'est pire que toi j'ai compris les deux premières lignes,mais Dragibus tu parles couramment Anglais?
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MessageSujet: Re: Interviews   

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