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 Amy Acker (interview)

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MessageSujet: Amy Acker (interview)   Mer 17 Déc 2008, 17:50

From Angel to Dollhouse

Back in October we had the chance to speak exclusively with Amy
Acker, known best for playing the quirky yet lovable Fred in Angel
about her past shows and her new role in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse
premiering on Fox this coming February.

How did you come to be in Angel?
That was a long time ago, after college I went to New York for a
little bit and then I moved out here and I had only been here about a
month and then I was having regular auditions, and one of these
auditions happened to be for this character on Angel and I think at
that point the characters name was like Logan or something and she was
a librarian. I went in and did that scene and I got a call-back from
Joss [Whedon] and luckily he liked me and they were trying to decide
about adding another girl into the show and they were tossing around a
couple of different characters. Joss wrote a scene that I think is on
the DVD that Alexis [Denisof], J [August Richards] and I did which was
kind of a Midsummer Night’s Dream sort of Shakespearean little scene
that Joss had written and that ended up being my screen-test for being
a regular.
Sounds like fun!
It was a lot of fun. They kept saying they were going to do a whole
episode like that which we were all excited about but I guess that
would have been season 6.
What was your time on the show like?
I loved being on Angel. I mean it was such a great cast, and still
some of my best friends are from there, Alexis and J . It was such a
great show to work on, because at least with my character, and it seems
like everybody got to go on such a big journey for each character so we
were starting in Pylea and ending up as Illyria, he [Joss] keeps you
interested as an actor.
Was there any part of the show, its overall progression that
you didn’t like, for example how Angel took over Wolfram & Hart?

No, I don’t really remember now feeling there was anything I didn’t
like. I was a little bit sad when Fred died because that was her thing,
that her and Wesley would be together but I think story wise that was
good. I was excited to do all those great scenes with Alexis so I was
sad more as an audience member that Fred was dead.
How did you feel when the role of Fred was changed to Illyria?
It was exciting. I mean I knew about it. It’s a funny story, Joss
called me over or something and said “Meet me for coffee” and I said
“OK” and he was like “I’m killing Fred” and I was like “Oh” I thought I
was off the show and he waited two minutes and then said “but your
still going to be on the show” and I was like (jokingly) “OK, I hate
you!” It was exciting because I got a lot of time to work with him and
develop what he wanted the character to be. He had Alexis and I come
over one night and we made dinner and they had all these cool blue
lights in their house they put on and we worked through some scenes and
made the character and all the movements and stuff so it was an
exciting process to develop a character that was so different from Fred.
Did you expect the shows cancellation at the end of the fifth season, was it a surprise?
I think we were all very surprised, actually I think it was like two
days before that where Joss was telling me all of the very cool stuff
that was happening next year. I think I talked to him when he was going
to dinner with the guy who told him it was cancelled and I was like “Oh
good tell him about that I hope we don’t get cancelled” he was like
“Yeh, we’re not getting cancelled” and we were like “Oh, never mind, we
got cancelled.”
What sort of storylines did you have setup for season 6?
All I know is he [Joss] was going to have Illyria have the ability
to switch back and forth to Fred, like a Superman/Clark Kent kind of
thing between Fred and Illyria. She was going to be transforming into
different people which I was excited about, not having to do 3 hours of
make-up. So that was one thing and another was going to be this whole
big mafia thing where we went over and killed all the bad guys and then
we were going to kind of become like all these groups were going to
turn into a sopranos type mafia thing.
Since playing Fred, seen as your major breakout role, do you feel you’ve been typecast at all?
You know I actually would say, not so much, I feel like more Illyria
has been kind of the way that people have been casting me more often
than Fred. I haven’t really gotten to be like the nerdy smart girl
again. Which is actually more who I am. I keep ending up killing people
and doing that kind of stuff.
So you would say Fred is the role that best fits your personality?
I don’t know if I turned into her more over the years or if I started out like that, yeah I mostly identify with Fred.

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 33
Nombre de messages : 24201
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Ven 16 Jan 2009, 18:00

Amy Acker - "Dollhouse" Tv Series - Interview

Marking just under one month until
Dollhouse’s premiere (Feb 13th) we are proud to present the concluding
part of our exclusive interview with Amy Acker which began December
15th. This time we talk about her career after her breakout role as
Fred in Angel all the way to Dollhouse.

You went and used a lot of technology in some of your
work or played very technological people how are you good with
technology really?

I’m not even good at checking email so not really.

Were there any plans to do tie-in videogames for Angel?
I haven’t heard about that so no.

Are you into videogames?
I don’t know. I have never really been into that, I
mean my husband’s [James Carpinello who played Bobby Saint in 2004’s
The Punisher] big into Guitar Hero and Rock Band. My sister has a Wii
and I think my favourite thing about it was at Christmas last year my
whole family were playing Wii bowling so I was like this is pretty
awesome, that we can all play this together.

That seems to be the draw for the Wii really as it’s aimed at all ages with its unique control system.

Yes I like that it’s a little more active, I get stuck in a trance doing the other ones and also I’m just
not very good at it and I like doing things that I’m good at.

Your role in Alias was very different from Angel, did you enjoy playing the bad guy?
I did and you know, every day that I got a script on
Alias I just laughed so hard. How in the world did I ever get this part
because it was just so funny to me that I got to just like kill 15
people at once with two guns in my hand. So I just loved that I got to
do something that I just never thought I would be cast as that in a
million years. So it was really fun to get to do something so out of

What can you tell us about your character in Dollhouse?
Well I am Dr. Saunders and I take care of the dolls at the
Dollhouse. I’m kind of the one who seems to be looking out for
everybody and there’s a lot of maybe not so nice people at the
dollhouse. I keep trying to turn things around to do what’s best for
the dolls and I guess the trait that is most noticeable is that I have
these huge scars across my face, like five scars scraping up my face
which look pretty painful.

It must be pretty difficult on the makeup side to do that one.
It is, were still trying to get it mastered it’s been very
challenging to get it to work every time, but I think it looks really
cool. Yesterday I got to do them with stitches all over them so that
was really neat looking.

How long do the scars usually take to get done in makeup?
Usually about 2 hours.

So it’s not as bad as the Illyria then?
No not quite. Illyria was only a pain, but this has the glue and all of that so it tends to be trickier.

Will you be a series regular or recurring?
Right now I’m a recurring character, but I’ve been in
every episode, all but one, so I feel like I’m definitely around. When
there at the Dollhouse you usually see me and hopefully if there’s more
episodes after these first 13 then I think you’ll see a lot more of
Doctor Saunders in the future.

You had an important role in another recent Fox show Drive, why do you think it failed?
I thought that was like the most awesome show ever and
I don’t know why that didn’t work. I think that it was in how they
marketed it. They showed like the first four episodes in this period of
two days then it was over. It was also a super expensive show as it was
all green screen and going from car to car so it was really cool and I
mean Nathan Fillion is about the coolest guy there is so any show with
him in it, I don’t know how it could not be a success.

Nathan’s got a new show this year also with Castle, you might end up with the same timeslot.

Oh dear! Well it will be hard not to watch him.

How similar will you be playing Dr. Saunders to Fred?
She is not really like Fred at all because she’s much
more mysterious and she’s a little bit sad, Fred was very bubbly and up
and kind of goofy with lots of energy moving around a lot. Dr Saunders
is very still, I feel like they’re very different.

What’s it like being in another Joss Whedon show?
It’s awesome, ever since Angel whenever I see Joss I
keep asking “So when’s the next thing were doing?”, “When do I get to
be on another show of yours?” like “Can I do craft service?” So finally
he decided to do another TV show and I’m so excited there was a part I
got to play even if it’s just an excuse to hang out with all the old

If there was any other character in Dollhouse you could have played as an acting challenge which would it be?
I just think all the dolls are, any of the dolls would
be [fantastic], it’s like an actor’s dream you get to, be like Jennifer
Garner on Alias you get to be a different character each week. You get
to have [different] accents and be some different places and different
personalities. I think he’s created a show where the dolls get to do so
many cool things. That would be fun.

What would you say has been your best or most memorable audition?
Probably Angel because I had just gotten out here and
was so excited. I mean it just went well and getting the job,
everything about that was, I guess I was much more naive at that point
thinking that’s how it works you go and audition and get the job every
time. There’s been some bad ones too.

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mer 24 Fév 2010, 14:36

Nouvelle Interview :

Citation :
In the first interview of our 2009 "My TV Nominee Series", I had the amazing opportunity to speak one on one with one of My TV's favourite actresses. The lovely and talented Ms. Amy Acker (of Angel and Alias fame) was gracious enough to take a few minutes of her time to talk about her My TV nomination (best female guest star, Dollhouse), her favourite roles, reading Shakespeare, working with Whedon and how badly she wants to join the cast of Big Love.

You’ve played geniuses, goddesses, a doll and even a man, what presented the greatest acting challenge? Do any of them stick out as the most fun?

I’m too embarrassed to watch the episode where I played a man.
That’s the great thing about working with Joss [Whedon] and on 'Alias'. I’m just so lucky, I get to do so many things, you never know what you’re going to play. The man was out of my comfort zone, and Whiskey being so sexy, that is not me at all, that was probably the one that I was most scared of.

Do you have a favourite role, series or episode you’ve worked on?

Maybe Fred. Maybe because it was my first real job and getting to do the show for so long. And just the way she started out and changed and became Illyria at the end, I would say Fred.

What would you say is the one thing you think fans would be surprised to learn about working with Joss Whedon?

Hmmm… I feel like he’s very much how he writes, funny and smart and everything you’d want him to be. He’s one of my best friends in the world, I’m just glad to have the opportunity to get to work with him. He never tries to be anything other than who he is. He’s such a nice and caring director who always wants to push everybody out of their comfort zone, so its always exciting. There’s always something you feel you can’t do and Joss has this ability to bring it out of you.

One of my favourite stories from the TV industry is the idea for Illyria coming from a Shakespeare reading at Joss’ house. I’m a Shakespeare nut myself, are these readings a regular occurrence? Who is the usual crowd who participates? And What are some of your favourite roles to read?

Joss’ wife built the most amazing house in the world, they have this amphitheatre in the backyard. The readings used to be a lot more common during Angel, like once a month. (The 'Angel' group was really into it, Alexis [Denisof], J [August Richards] and all those guys really loved doing it). We did one that I was a part of during 'Dollhouse', we did 'Hamlet'. Olivia [Williams] was amazing; it’s always so fun to see these people you associate with their characters doing the Shakespeare reading. A while ago, one of the first ones was 'Midsummer [Night’s Dream]', I was Helena, which I’ve always wanted to play. I’m not going to say there isn’t champagne and wine, its like a casual party, there just happens to be Shakespeare.

Do you have any plans to do theatre now that you’re in New York? Maybe finally get to play Helena?

I haven’t been here long enough, but I have the spring off so I’m hoping to do some theatre. I haven’t done it since college. My husband’s in 'Rock of Ages' on Broadway right now, it’s his dream job.

Do you watch a lot of TV? What are some of your favourite series?

My favourite show right now is 'Big Love', I’d love to be on that show. I would go to Utah, I don’t care, I love that show.

Dollhouse is a confusing show even for a viewing audience. Bouncing from scene to scene and only seeing part of the picture can you, the actors, make sense of the series as you’re going along? Do you watch the show when it airs?

Yeah, kind of, I would say. It sometimes felt like if we started to figure it out too much we’d just have more questions. I think we understood what we were trying to do with our characters. I found that I really had to watch it because I wasn’t in all the episodes so if I didn’t watch I’d be really lost. But the writers do a really good job of answering any questions we have.

*SPOILER ALERT* Did you have any idea your character was a doll? Was that all in Joss’ master plan or was it like Illyria, a sudden series-changing idea?

He actually had said that if it works out he wanted to make that happen. I knew from the beginning that that was his ideal plan.

You’ve got a new series for ABC [Happy Town] coming down the pike, how’s that shaping up and how does it compare to what you’ve done before?

I think its gonna be really exciting. It has a lot of the same qualities as 'Dollhouse' and 'Alias'; a lot of interesting characters. Everybody changes a lot throughout the story. It’s set in a small town. I think its gonna be really good. Everybody keeps saying “There’s really nothing like this”, those are the fun shows to be on. It’s a real mystery, you don’t really know if there’s going to become a magical element or what. [Happy Town, which shoots in Ontario, premieres on ABC in April].

Have you and Joss ever considered teaming up to do a show with you at the center?

Anything Joss is doing I’m excited to try to work on and make him want to cast me in. He has so many ideas and things he’s always working on. But that would be so great.

And now, the goofy questions :

Who do you choose to help you fight off the zombies in the apocalypse, Buffy or Echo?

I’ll go with Echo because I know her better

Who’s smarter, Fred or Topher?

I think Fred could easily take Topher.

Who would you rather meet in a dark alley, Alpha or the Wolfram & Hart senior partners?

I think I’d go with the Wolfram & Hart guys.

If you could co-star with anyone in the world who would it be ?

Ginnifer Goodwin, so I could be on 'Big Love'.

How about someone you’ve already worked with? Anyone you’d love to work with again?

I would say Alexis [Denisof]. He’s such a great actor to work with, I miss doing scenes with him.

If you could be imprinted, doll-style with anyone at all, who would you choose and why?

I don’t know! [frets for a good long while over this one].

Settle one of my favourite TV love triangles of all time: Wes or Gunn?

Ohhh, Wes. It was ultimately supposed to be Wes.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I don’t think so. Thanks for talking to me and thanks so much for the nomination!
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Drusillesquement Fan
Drusillesquement Fan

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Jeu 25 Fév 2010, 18:09

Dragibus a écrit:

Settle one of my favourite TV love triangles of all time: Wes or Gunn?

Ohhh, Wes. It was ultimately supposed to be Wes.

Oh yeah clown
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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mer 17 Mar 2010, 14:52

Juliet Landau interview Amy Acker happy

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Other Reality
Other Reality

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mer 17 Mar 2010, 19:51

j'adore quand elle parle de Wesley et aussi d'Alexis et de Joss c'est super mignon et sympa ce qu'elle dit
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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mar 27 Avr 2010, 20:24

Nouvelle interview d'Amy.

Citation :

The actress compares her character to those she's played on ANGEL, ALIAS and DOLLHOUSE and talks about the series' central mystery

By ABBIE BERNSTEIN, Contributing Writer
Published 4/26/2010

ABC’s new series HAPPY TOWN, premiering this Wednesday, takes place in the small Midwestern town of Haplin, where folks are friendly, neighbors are good and everything is just peachy-keen – except for the re-emergence of a mysterious serial killer called the Magic Man.

ABC has been promoting it as "From the Network that brought you TWIN PEAKS," so that bodes well for its geek cred.

Making the show even cooler is in the inclusion of Joss Whedon alum Amy Acker (ANGEL, DOLLHOUSE), who is known for the extremely multi-faceted characters she’s created on a number of series. On HAPPY TOWN, she plays Rachel Conroy, wife of the town sheriff.

In this exclusive interview, Acker talks about portraying yet another woman who may or may not be exactly what she appears to be.

iF MAGAZINE: How did you become involved in HAPPY TOWN?

AMY ACKER: Well, after we wrapped on the first season of DOLLHOUSE, we weren’t sure what was happening and I wasn’t a regular. I had known these guys [HAPPY TOWN executive producers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec] from ALIAS and I just read the script and they asked me if I wanted to do it and I met Geoff Stults [who plays Haplin sheriff Tommy Conroy] and all the people and I was really excited about doing the show. I was excited about playing a normal girl [laughs].

iF: The producers have said that your character’s husband Tommy is a good guy. Do we know that about Rachel?

ACKER: Well, I guess we don’t know for sure, but I don’t know – I think it’s going to get too predictable if I always turn out to be the bad guy [laughs]. I think people are starting to expect me to be the murderer [Acker has played characters who’ve tipped to the dark side in ANGEL, ALIAS and DOLLHOUSE].

iF: How was it working outdoors in the Canadian winter snow?

ACKER: It was cold [laughs]. It was nice, because we were on location and I think it really brought the cast together when we got to bond in a way that you don’t when you’re all going home to your regular lives. We spent a lot of time together outside of work and being in a foreign place is nice because you get to explore different aspects.

iF: One of the HAPPY TOWN episodes was directed by MASTERS OF HORROR creator Mick Garris. Did you get to work with him?

ACKER: I did. He was so nice.

iF: Now, it seems like the vibe on HAPPY TOWN is a little less “pop culture” than, say, on ALIAS and DOLLHOUSE and ANGEL, where the characters are all snapping off one-liners as they embark on heavy action ….

ACKER: Yes, I do think that like [executive producer Scott Rosenberg] was saying, they wanted to make OCTOBER ROAD [a previous series executive-produced by HAPPY TOWN’s Rosenberg, Appelbaum and Nemec] with something [more dramatic] happening. And I think it does have that quality of everyday life and then all of a sudden, something extraordinary happens. Like on ANGEL, for instance, we were actually hunting vampires and had a business – it wasn’t like we were just living in a town. Or ALIAS [where most of the characters were spies]. Just the circumstances that they’re in [on HAPPY TOWN] are more normal, more relatable to people. I [as Rachel] work at a bread factory and my daughter goes to school. People have normal jobs. They aren’t these already-extraordinary circumstances.

iF: A lot of the characters you’ve played – Fred and Illyria on ANGEL, Peyton on ALIAS and Claire/Whiskey on DOLLHOUSE – have had dualities or pluralities to their personalities. Will you miss that if Rachel doesn’t get that?

ACKER: You know, at first I think I was attracted to just playing this person, and then I realized that no one doesn’t have that [plurality of character]. The stuff that happens to my character in this causes me to have change and I think that is something that I really value in the characters that I’ve gotten to play, is that I’ve gotten to be so many different things. Now, it’s not like DOLLHOUSE, where it’s Whiskey and [multiple personas].

iF: Rachel is a mother. How is it playing a mom?

ACKER: It’s fun. It’s interesting, because this is the first time that I’ve become more aware of [changes in] my life, being a mom [of a young son and daughter in real life]. It’s like I’m starting to notice things, sometimes even with the writing. When you’re doing Dr. Saunders [on DOLLHOUSE] or ANGEL or something, you do have those one-liners and it’s hard to [tell the producers], “I don’t know if I would say that,” but when you’re playing a mom and you’re in situations that you actually have experienced in your life, it was interesting. I’ve said, "You know, as a mother …” so it’s been a lot more looking at my own life, I think.

iF: Can you talk about what is unique in the scripts on HAPPY TOWN?
[The show is]
ACKER: great because it is a character-driven show and what was amazing is the crew, who usually doesn’t really care that much, they were crazy about trying to figure out the mystery of the show. They were very into being a betting pool where all the people were putting in ten dollars for their guesses of who the Magic Man was and everyone by the end of it had put in their bets to see who it was and there were all these theories, and at lunch, that was what people talked about, so there’s something about the show – you really want to figure it out, you want to be the one who knows why it happened and how it happened.

iF: Did you put money in the betting pool?

ACKER: I knew who I was going to do and then the day I was going to put money in, the scene that totally tipped me over the edge got cut [laughs] and so then I was like, “Wait, now I don’t know!” It was the deadline and I panicked and I didn’t do it.

iF: Did you turn out to be right?

ACKER: I don’t know who it is. Apparently, everyone else knows, but I left two days before the last day and they all know, but no one will tell me [laughs]. I don’t think it’s me. It could be me. I don’t know how they revealed it, because they were trying to be all secretive, they didn’t use any of the crew and they made all these people sign confidentiality accords.

iF: Was this your first experience working in Toronto?

ACKER: Yeah. It was my first time there. I really enjoyed it, especially since I was in New York [Acker’s husband James Carpinello was performing on Broadway in ROCK OF AGES], so I was actually commuting back and forth between New York and Toronto. Just wonderful people. It was nice being there and being part of this. It really felt like a family, like the small town that the show [takes place in]. I think it was nice that we were all there, because we had that same sort of camaraderie that you get in a small town. Everybody did kind of know everybody’s business.

iF: Is it any different or similar to working in Vancouver?

ACKER: I really loved Vancouver, too. I’ve only been in Vancouver when it was summertime, so it felt colder – the pilot [for HAPPY TOWN]was really cold and every day I’ve been looking at my weather thing on my phone – “Oh, seven degrees today, it’s going to be really cold.” [laughs] Vancouver, it seemed like you could just walk everywhere. I didn’t ever get to know the town [of Toronto] as well because I was going back to New York, but I enjoyed all the people. It was nice. I’m excited to hopefully get to explore it more. Watch HAPPY TOWN. I think you’re going to love it.
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Helpless but hopeful
Helpless but hopeful

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Jeu 20 Jan 2011, 16:45

Elle est trop chou dans la vidéo!
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Welcome to L.A... Grrrr
Welcome to L.A... Grrrr

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Dim 01 Mai 2011, 13:35

Je crois qu'elle parle de la marionnette d'Angel un moment non ? lol
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# P'tit détective #
Faith-Kennedy Fan
# P'tit détective #Faith-Kennedy Fan

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mar 10 Mai 2011, 22:00

Très sympas cette vidéo lunettes


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Welcome to L.A... Grrrr
Welcome to L.A... Grrrr

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Ven 24 Juin 2011, 23:34

Il est crispé le gars à gauche ! lol
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Mangue de bol
Mangue de bol

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Sam 25 Juin 2011, 12:53

J'espère que c'est juste parce qu'il est impressionné/intimidé, parce que s'il est toujours comme ça, il est pas très réactif mdr !

C'esr super sympa comme video en tout cas, elle passe quand même 8 minutes à discuter avec des fans, tout en acceptant d'être filmé en plus ... c'est aps dans nos petites conventions françaises qu'il se passerait ça ! Pis elle est super souriante, elle a l'air simple, ça fait vraiment plaisir à voir happy

Et comme ça, il semblerait qu'elle ai beaucoup aimé interpréter Illyria et tuer des gens ...
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Welcome to L.A... Grrrr
Welcome to L.A... Grrrr

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Sam 25 Juin 2011, 15:25

Alors ça a du lui plaire beaucoup aussi le rôle de Whiskey.
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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mar 17 Juil 2012, 16:08

Voici une ITW d'Amy où elle parle d'Angel, Once Upon a Time et de ses projets (traduit par le site Slayerevival).

Amy Acker a accordé une petite interview au site Nerd Appropriate où elle parle de son rôle de Fred/Illyriadans la série Angel, des films « La Cabane dans les Bois » et « Much Ado About Nothing » avec Alexis Denisof, et des séries comme « Once Upon a Time« . Interview à lire pour tous les fans de la belle Amy Acker !
Question: Amy, merci énormément d’avoir accepté de répondre à nos questions. Nous sommes de grands fans depuis qu’on t’as vu pour la première fois dans cette petite cave de Pylea, à résoudre des équations (série Angel). Comment allez-vous ?
Amy Acker: Awww, Merci. je vais très bien !
Question: Êtes-vous contente de voir que le film « La Cabane dans les Bois » reçoit de très bonnes critiques après avoir attendu sa sortie pendant si longtemps ?
Amy Acker: J’ai supplié Drew Goddard (scénariste d’Angel) de réaliser ce film. Ce n’est pas seulement un super scénariste/réalisateur, mais un homme génial. On s’est tellement amusé à faire ce film et puis il n’y a pas un projet de Joss Whedon que je n’ai pas aimé. Donc je ne suis pas surprise que le film soit si bien.
Question: Bon, on adore vraiment tout ce que tu as fait : Angel, Grimm, Once Upon a Time. Une chose qu’on remarque est que tous tes rôles sont incroyablement uniques.
Amy Acker: Je suis chanceuse d’avoir pu jouer tous ses rôles. C’est ce que j’aime à propos de mon métier d’actrice. Parfois je suis encore choquée de voir que mon premier boulot (Angel) m’a fait commencer par jouer une fille dans une cave habillée en sac à patates pour finir par devenir une déesse aux cheveux bleu.
Question: En parlant d’Angel… Je dois te dire que la mort/résurrection de Fred/Illyria était la chose la plus choquante que j’ai vue à la télévision. Je me rappelle avoir dit « Non, c’est pas possible, ils vont la faire revenir… » et c’est ce qu’ils ont fait.
Amy Acker: Hmmm, je ne pense pas non plus qu’ils auraient tué Fred définitivement. En fait, l’idée originale était que son personnage soit ressuscité après 3 épisodes. Mais à l’époque, nous avions appris que la série serait annulée. Du coup, on a gardé l’idée d’Illyria puisqu’il y avait pleins d’idées à exploiter. J’ai vraiment adoré le fait qu’ils m’aient permit de passer de Fred à Illyria de temps à autre. Je pense que ma scène préférée est d’ailleurs celle où Wesley meurt et qu’Illyria se change en Fred pour ses derniers instants.
Question: On adore aussi Once Upon a Time. Y-a-t-il une chance de te revoir dans la série ?
Amy Acker: J’espère de tout mon cœur ! J’aime tellement cette série. Et le rôle était génial et je pense vraiment que c’est possible qu’ils me fassent revenir.
Question: Qu’est-ce que tu peux me dire sur le prochain film de Joss Whedon « Much Ado About Nothing » ? Est-il vrai que vous l’avez tourné en 12 jours ?
Amy Acker: Oui ! 12 Jours ! Même si on a un peu répété avant ! Par contre, je ne sais pas grand chose pour le moment, mais certains de mes acteurs préférés du Whedonverse sont présents, et j’ai pu jouer avec Alexis Denisof à nouveau. C’était mon rêve depuis la fin d’Angel.
Question: En ce moment, quelles séries regardes-tu ?
Amy Acker: Once Upon a Time, New Girl, oh et je sais que je suis un peu en retard mais j’ai commencé Game of Thrones – j’adore !

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Drusilla W.
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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mar 17 Juil 2012, 18:15

Sympa cette petite interview! J'espère comme elle que son personnage reviendra dans OUAT!
En revanche j'appréhende un peu le nouveau film de Joss, je l'imagine assez mal réalisé du Shakespeare...
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MessageSujet: Re: Amy Acker (interview)   Mar 17 Juil 2012, 18:49

Très sympa cette ITW, j'aime beaucoup ce qu'elle dit! Et puis elle va se lancer dans GOT !!!! J'espère que ça lui donnera l'envie d'y jouer

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Amy Acker (interview)
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