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 Eliza Dushku

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MessageSujet: Eliza Dushku   Ven 05 Déc 2008, 12:39

Citation :
The bad news: Tru Calling is still cancelled. The good news: Fans of Eliza Dushku have two big reasons to be excited. Not only has the Buffy alum reteamed with Joss Whedon to create Dollhouse for Fox (premiering Feb. 13), but she also rocks a rather wild role in a twisty indie hitting theaters on Friday.
Nobel Son stars October Road's
Bryan Greenberg as Barkley, the son of a newly christened Nobel Prize
winner (Alan Rickman) and a police psychologist (Mary Steenburgen). On
the eve of jetting to Sweden for dad's big night, Barkley has an
electric and amorous liaison with Dushku's character, named City Hall.
That marks just the beginning of the film's very wild ride.
Dushku spoke with about her Nobel endeavor, as well as shared an update on Dollhouse, which she touts as being "cool and hot and different." You say on the Nobel Son web site, "I fought my ass off for this role." Why exactly was that?
Eliza Dushku: I just loved the script. It's sort of rare when you turn that last page and go, "I have
to be in this movie, I have to play this character." I called up my
longtime coach and friend and we got to work. I prepared completely to
go in and do whatever [writer-producers] Jody [Savin] and Randy
[Miller] wanted or needed me to do. I brought props, including these
two masks, because one of the key scenes is when I ask Barkley to put
on a mask and... Yeah, that moment is only a little creepy.
I had a whole supermarket bag filled with masks and a rope and a knife.
I was the last audition of the day, and it was like an hour long! When
they invited me to come on the film, I was pumped. What I liked about the film is that from the
onset, you have no idea where it's going. There's no predicting what
story is really being told here.
It's a really extraordinary movie in that way, and thank God, because
there's a lot of the same old stuff out there. To be a part of
something that is so original and twisted is super-exciting. Why is City Hall such a damaged young woman?
You get a little bit of that when she talks [to Bill Pullman's police
detective]. She had a father. He died. He burned all of her diaries,
and then ... well, she sort of just flips on a dime and talks about
something else. She's a twisted little bird! [Laughs] You once said that people have "a better chance of seeing God than seeing me naked." Yet in Nobel Son, you come kinda-sorta close.
Oh, I think it's pretty clear I'm wearing underwear in that scene.
They're not granny-pants, but.... Those are my own, and I kept them on!
[Laughs] Turning to TV, how are things looking for Fox's Dollhouse? [The sci-fi thriller stars Dushku as Echo, an "Active" who has covert mission-specific personalities imprinted on her.]
Dushku: Awesome. We have all these rumors going around [in the wake of a production stoppage], and yet we're on Episode 7 out of our initial 13. We've made some changes. Hey, it's totally fine to stop and catch your breath and do things right.
Completely. And we feel like we're in an awesome groove. The scripts
are tight and exciting, and we've definitely upped the action.
Initially, we were doing a lot of set-up, and Fox and Joss decided that
we needed to have the some of the payoffs come sooner. As a result, I
sashay to work every day! I know that sounds crazy, but I love it. I've
played probably twenty-some different characters in the past couple
months, and every one is a thrill. I've been riding motorcycles and
deer hunting, I had a Muay Thai fight scene with a 6-foot-5 cop, I went
river rafting, rock climbing.... The whole gamut. When we spoke at the summer TCA (watch video), you told me you were bringing some "skills" of your own to the table. But it sounds like you've added a few.
Dushku: Yes, my "mad skills." [Laughs]
Joss and I have been good friends over the years, and one of the things
we laugh about is how I live a crazy life and am in 10 places at once.
I'm a bit of a storyteller, so I share all these things and he puts
them in the show. He joked at Comic-Con that this show is a bit
biographical. Should your and Joss' fans be worried by Dollhouse's Friday time slot?
We're in the age of DVR, man. People watch what they want to watch, and
we feel confident that we're going to bring [existing] fans and welcome
new ones. The show is extraordinary. It's cool and it's hot and it's
different. It's nice being paired with Sarah Connor Chronicles as a sort of female empowerment night. It takes a little bit of the pressure off [versus airing on Mondays], with 24
coming on after two years. I think the time slot gives us time to come
on, air all of our shows and hook people. And I truly believe it will. You obviously had certain expectations and things you were looking forward to with Dollhouse. But now that you're well into filming it, what has surprised you about the show?
I've obviously played a lot of strong characters, but Joss, from the
very beginning, said, "I also see a lot of vulnerability, and different
shades of you that others maybe haven't seen." So I get these scripts
and they're different for me. We had this joke where Joss put me in a
'40s up-do and it totally threw me off. It just threw me off. [Laughs]
He said, "Eliza, I have you figured out. Your comfort zone lies in your
hair, and I'm going to take you out of your comfort zone as much as
possible. I can throw you off a building or dump you in a river or have
you get hit by a truck, and none of that fazes you. But a '40s up-do
sends you spinning. So get ready, honey — I'm going to take you for a
little adventure!"

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 33
Nombre de messages : 24201
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Lun 12 Jan 2009, 16:38

voici une Itvw toute récente concernant dollhouse en grande partie :
Citation :
Eliza Dushku, who stars in Joss Whedon's upcoming SF Fox series Dollhouse, says it's been challenging playing the role of a woman who takes on different personas every week.

Speaking in an exclusive interview last week in Los Angeles, Dushku
added that she can't wait for fans—and potential critics—to see the
show, which hits the airwaves on Feb. 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Dollhouse tells the story of a group of people, called
"dolls," whose minds have been wiped and who are implanted with
artificial personalities--memories, skills, even physical abilities and
infirmities--in order to perform tasks for hire by a secret
organization: escort service, assassination, kidnap negotiation, etc.
The show stars Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member Dushku, former Battlestar Galactica cast member Tahmoh Penikett, Olivia Williams, Harry Lennix and former Angel star Amy Acker. It will air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, after Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Following is an edited excerpt of Dushku's interview with SCI FI Wire.

Tell me about some of the crazier stuff you've gotten to do.

Dushku: You mean dunking me in the National Sequoia Park
river, like rolling me on the street in a motorcycle crash. They have
me in a six-page ... fight scene with Tahmoh [Penikett], who, yeah,
we're about the same size, so it was an even match, but we had a big
fight scene ...

You kicked his ass, right?

Dushku: Yeah, totally. And then ... Joss puts me in these
up-dos that really throw me for a loop. ... He's like, "I can throw you
off a building, I can run you over with a car, and like, you know,
while you're getting your ass kicked by like eight guys, and me putting
you in an up-do is the one thing that takes you out of your comfort
zone. There's something wrong with that." It's true! I'm just such, I
don't know, I just grew up such a tomboy that having my hair, like, up
and prim and proper just feels so foreign. Those are the weirdest days
for me. Go figure.

You play different characters.

Dushku: Multiple. Every week, yes.

How's that?

Dushku: Good times. It's really good times. You never get
bored. Yeah, boredom is not an option. ... I walk into my trailer, and
there's 15 ... skirts and pants and tops for me to try on for the next
episode, and I walk in, and there's like ... horse-riding gear or ...
sky-diving gear. ... Every time I walk into my trailer and see the new
wardrobe, I ... get an idea what the next episode is going to involve,
and it's always exciting.

It's kind of a challenge, because you're playing different characters, but you've got to be Echo in there somewhere, right?

Dushku: Echo is ... the name ... that they've given me [in
the] Dollhouse. So Caroline ... may be who I really am, but I'm also
Echo. But I'm also each person I'm imprinted to be.

Are any of those people Eliza?

Dushku: I think all of them have a little bit of Eliza in
them. It's about gauging and playing chemist. Yeah. Because I myself
have multiple personalities. That's part of the reason Joss sat down
and thought, "I know the perfect show to write for you. ... I've known
you for 10 years, and I have no idea who [or] what you are, so ...
let's just video it."

But no, it's awesome, it's the coolest, most humbling, and you know,
truly great opportunity, experience. Because some parts are more like
me, and I can kind of roll out of bed and roll into the outfit and
churn them out. And other times, I mean, I've had some serious, ...
challenging roles. Like the blind woman. ... They implant cameras into
my eyeballs and send me into a cult as a blind woman, like [a]
religious cult follower. But I believe that I'm that woman. And so
there have been a number of different parts I've played that I've had
to do some serious last-minute research on, and it's so fun, you know?
... It makes it all that much more interesting to go in every day and
be wild.

What's the funnest thing you've had to do?

Dushku: I loved the fierce assassin that I was when I kicked
Tahmoh's ass. She ... was a good egg. She was just ... highly
intelligent, ... kind of quiet, but steely. Just, just kind of fierce,

You've probably read some of the reviews and heard the buzz,
positive and negative, about the show. Does any of that come through,
or do you try to screen it out?

Dushku: I'm proud of what we're doing, and we ... are doing
what we wanted to do and telling the stories we wanted to tell. ...
There's been pressure since the day we announced it, and there's been
naysayers since the day we announced it, and, at this point, ... I just
can't wait for the show to get on the air and for people to see it. ...
Regardless of ... the hype and what people are saying, why don't people
see it, and then they can decide what they feel? But I feel confident,
... because it's on the page, recorded on the stage, ... and it's
working. And we're having a great time. ... Each episode is more and
more intricate, and the story's unfolding. ...

I brought the first episodes home to my family to watch over the
holidays, and you know what? They were freaking out. ... They were more
proud and more psyched about this than most anything that [I've done].

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 33
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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Lun 02 Fév 2009, 19:32

Eliza Dushku, the Next Wonder Woman?

Actress Eliza Dushku is reuniting with Joss Whedon in the
Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator's highly anticipated series
Dollhouse, which debuts next month on FOX.

In the series, Dushku plays Echo, one of a group of "actives" or "dolls" who've had their
minds wiped so they can be imprinted with any personality to carry out a mission. And as the
personas pile up, Dushku gets some juicy roles.

Q: What's it like to play so many different characters?
A: The possibilities are sort of endless; I've done everything from hostage negotiator to
crazy sexy assassin. Some of them are very biographical — like me bow hunting. I was actually doing
that when Joss Whedon sent me the original pitch for the series. I told him how we had taken down
an elk with a bow and arrow and he made that a part of the second episode.

Q: Wait a minute, you shot an elk?
A: I gave it a go because you've got to try everything. As a meat eater, I think that it was
only appropriate that I experience that. But I've only killed something that I would eat.

Q: Do you feel a bond with Sarah Palin, who likes to hunt caribou and moose?
A: That's a pretty broad comparison. I just wanted to go out and hunt my own meal. It's not
like I'm joining the NRA.

Q: You've filmed on a lot of locations for the series.
A: One of the reasons why I love this role so much is getting to travel. I've traveled the
world with my mother, who's a political science professor. But the irony is that I have a crazy
fear of flying. I've been known to not get on a plane if I don't have some kind of religious
ornament like a cross. It's weird but it really kind of helps delay the fear.

Q: Any memorable travel experiences?
A: My mom always kind of taught us how to land in a city and just find your way. She sent my
brother and me to China when I was 14 with our passports and a guidebook. In upper Mongolia, they
had public showers and I walked in and it was me and 30 naked ladies. I tried slinking down to the
last spigot which, of course, didn't work. Everyone started laughing at me.

Q: Rumors persist that you may take on the big-screen role of Wonder Woman.
A: Wonder Woman's hot. But you've had action hero movies that are just stinkers and some that
are smart and exciting -- you have good and you have bad. So for me it would depend on the script.
Right now, it's not on my calendar. The rumors are out there. I am aware of them. I think it's like
some fans have a fantasy. But who knows what the future holds?

Q: Ever had a moment when fans thought you were like a character you've played?
A: When I was doing
Buffy the Vampire Slayer I almost got in a fist fight with a ski lift lady. She tried to
rip my ticket off and she put her hands on me and I was losing it. I was screaming at the lady and
my friends were like hiding behind their snowboards. All of a sudden, people started going, "Hey,
isn't that the chick from
Buffy? Wow! She really is tough." But she was really out of line, I swear.

Q: So now you've decided you'd better avoid tabloid headlines?
A: I actually feel more like I can't do those things because I'm an actress who gets
recognized. It's weird, but being a celebrity has actually tamed the crazy chick in me. That's not
to say it still doesn't pop out every once in a while.

Q: You've been acting for a lot of years. What have you learned?
A: I think the more you obsess about this business and what's real and what's fake and whose
real and whose fake to you, and the more you stress about it, the more self-obsessed you are and
the more you'll just drive yourself crazy. I just go, 'Look, this is my job, it's totally crazy,
it's out of control, but the benefits are unreal.'

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Ven 20 Mar 2009, 12:45

Eliza Dushku - Boston Common Magazine March 2009

All Dolled Up
Watertown native Eliza Dushku is moving into Fox’s new
Dollhouse, but her Hollywood lifestyle can never erase the New
Englander within.
Eliza Dushku, the star and executive producer of the
new Fox show Dollhouse, is a typical Bostonian in many ways. The
28-year-old Watertown native is an ardent Red Sox fan with roots in
both the city’s academic and blue-collar communities. If she’s in town,
you might run into her hanging out with old friends at her favorite
local pub or taking in one of Boston’s historical sites. And, in a
moment of unguarded nostalgia, she might just tell you that her first
girlhood crush was on Mitt Romney, who belonged to her church.
As Echo on Dollhouse, Dushku plays a sexy, soulful
marvel who can be imprinted with any talent or skill at any time
through futuristic technological wizardry—with a little shazam, she’s
off doing daring stunts in fabulous costumes. And with Joss Whedon, the
creative force behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, at the helm, Echo is
also constantly thinking, feeling, and discovering what it means to be
a woman.

In addition to her work on Dollhouse, Dushku is
developing several film projects through her production company, Boston
Diva, including a biopic of Robert Mapplethorpe that would star her
brother, Nate Dushku. She’s also working with her family to give back
to local disadvantaged kids. And Dushku has launched a website,, so fans can keep track of what she’s up to in her
career as well as with her charitable efforts.

Dushku started her career in local productions at the
Watertown Children’s Theatre. Hollywood discovered her when she was 12,
and soon after she was cast opposite Juliette Lewis in That Night, a
1992 coming-of-age drama. Roles alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo
DiCaprio (This Boy’s Life, 1993) and Kirsten Dunst (Bring it On, 2000)
followed. Meanwhile Dushku was landing television roles on Buffy the
Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Tru Calling, and joining the ranks of
Hollywood’s hot young stars.

Boston Common recently caught up with Dushku at the end
of a day’s work to talk about her new show, her old ’hood, and leaving
JLo in the dust (literally).

BOSTON COMMON: What are your hopes for Dollhouse?
ELIZA DUSHKU: Well, when the idea for Dollhouse came up
over a lunch with Joss [Whedon], we were talking about what it meant to
be a young woman in society today. What are our struggles? What are our
needs versus our fantasies? All we want to do is get people thinking
about the human condition, to play around with those concepts and
stories in these shows for an hour. All we ever hope is that we can
tell these kinds of stories.

BC: You’ve worked with Whedon many times over the years [he also created Angel]. What makes him tick?
ED: He loves women, and that’s why he can study them
and write them so well. Women are fascinating, and he gets that. I’m a
feminist and my mother’s a feminist, and it’s important to me. I
wouldn’t say it’s rare in Hollywood, but Joss is really a gem.

BC:You’re often near the top of the list when men’s magazines rank sexy
women. Is posing for those publications part of your feminism or a
contradiction of it?

ED: It’s part of the whole machine, the photos and the
physical element that we’re selling. When I started doing Buffy, I wore
what they put me in, and they put me in leather pants and long sleeves
because I was doing stunts and fight scenes. So it wasn’t like I was
showing tons of skin, but my character, Faith, became a sex symbol.
Then I started taking the clothes off. But I take care of my body. It’s
definitely important for me to be in the best physical shape that I can
stand. And when you’re working really hard on your body, it prompts you
to show some skin. I hate to sound clichéd, but I love my body. I’m not
supermodest. I don’t ever feel like I’ve degraded myself. I’m
comfortable with what I’m putting out there. I grew up with brothers,
and I never thought of myself as a sexy kid. I thought of myself as a
tomboy. My Mormon grandma out in Utah has always told me to wear more
clothes, but then she winks at me on the side.

BC: Help us dispel a few rumors. We heard you decided,
on a whim, to run a celebrity triathlon [the Nautica Malibu Triathlon,
held in Malibu, California, in September], and without any training
came in third, easily passing Jennifer Lopez.

ED: I’d heard about the triathlon, and I’d never done
anything like it. And so I just did it. I have no clue why. JLo came in
fifth, and I came in third, but I had no idea because I was already at
the free breakfast they give you after the race. I was eating waffles
and JLo came in, and she’s really sweet. She was like, “Eliza, what are
you doing?” And I was like, “I’m eating waffles; what are you doing?”
And she said, “Cindy Crawford is up on stage; she’s been calling your
name for 15 minutes. You came in third; go get your medal!” I was like,
“Shut up!” And I went and I got my bronze. I talked to my friend Mark
Shanahan from the Boston Globe the next day and said, “Mark, you have
to spread the word to all my teachers from high school who knew me as a
kid smoking cigarettes that I’m making up for old times.”

BC: We’ve also read that you’re dating New England native Seth MacFarlane, who created Family Guy.
ED: That’s completely not true. I’ve done nothing but
try to dispel those rumors. They pick it up, and it spreads like a
rash. He’s a friend. I actually ran into him the other night at a party
and someone wanted a picture, and we were like, “Oh, wouldn’t that be
great… to start more rumors.”

BC: Are you in a relationship these days?
ED: No, I’m single. I’m working. I’m with my work. I’d be horrible to date right now.

BC: We heard Joss Whedon struggled with the network over the creative vision for Dollhouse. How aware of this were you?
ED: From day one we’ve been partners in this, so I was
aware of everything. Every time he talks to the studio, he talks to me
about it. We were both working our butts off, and in terms of notes
from the network, that’s really common—and certainly people dramatized
it. I have respect for all parties. But Joss thinks outside the box and
pushes the envelope, and I tend to stand by him.

BC: Where do you live these days?
ED: I live in the Hollywood Hills, in Laurel Canyon. My
house is a bungalow. The reason I really love it is that I grew up with
trees and green, and my house is tucked into the hills with a lot of
trees. My dogs can run around, and there are nice trails. It’s cozy.
The house is small, but it fits me.

BC: Has the economic crisis affected you?
ED: I’ve always been pretty frugal, and I think it’s obnoxious to be
going on big shopping sprees when so many people are suffering. And it
affects everyone. I’m close to my family and I see how it’s affecting
people I care about and love.

BC: What does it mean to you to be from Boston?
ED: I’ve been out in LA for 10 years, but I’m still a
Boston girl at heart. I really think I’d like to end up there one day.
Every time I come home and drive through the toll on the Mass Pike I
get shout-outs.

BC: When you visit, where do you like to go?
ED: I like going to hang out with my friends at the
local Watertown bar, Donohue’s. I love the Boston Common. I still walk
the Freedom Trail and go to the Union Oyster House. I love the Charles
River. It never gets old.

BC: Did growing up in Boston influence you?
ED: Oh, majorly. To me, Boston is such a melting pot.
My father’s parents were Albanian immigrants who owned a convenience
store in South Boston, and my father became a fourth-grade teacher and
taught Bobby Brown and Ricky Bell and all the kids from New Edition.
And my mom moved out to Boston from Utah. She was this liberal,
feminist Mormon woman who got involved with civil rights and became a
professor at Suffolk University, which is one of the most culturally
diverse universities in New England. So we always had people from
different countries around. That’s my mixture; that’s what Boston is to
me. I love it. Boston is like a member of my family. It’s a really
special thing for me.

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Ven 22 Mai 2009, 19:42

Eliza Dushku - "Dollhouse" Tv Series - About the renewal - Interview

In trumpeting Dollhouse’s Season 2
pick-up, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly called the decision
"a bet on creativity" and "a bet on Joss" — as in series creator Joss
Whedon. Immediately following Fox’s upfronts presentation,
grabbed a few minutes with Dollhouse lead Eliza Dushku to celebrate the
renewal as well as the show’s fans. : How did you find out about the renewal ? Who told you ?

Eliza Dushku : I was in Uganda the past two weeks. I
landed Friday night about midnight, and when I touched down the first
message was a text from Joss saying, "We’re back on, kid ! Get ready to
raise hell !" [Laughs] It was a nice homecoming. : Kevin Reilly has been out there saying that Dollhouse’s renewal is testament to Joss’ loyal fanbase.

Dushku : The fans, the fans, the fans, absolutely. We
are so grateful and just bowled over by the support and the love and
the loyalty. We are so excited to do the second season because it took
us until the last six or so episodes to hit our stride ; now we get to
really have some fun. : Will the "missing" 13th episode, "Epitaph One," now serve as the Season 2 premiere ? Or is it still DVD-only ?

Dushku : You know, I dont know. I just got off the plane, so I dont know. : "Epitaph One," which was produced on the
studio’s own dime, was used to convince Fox that Dollhouse can be
delivered on a smaller budget. Are there any differences the viewer
might pick up on ?

Dushku : No, our set is pretty solid and top dollar. I think the show will continue to be visually stunning. : So, as you filmed it, you didn’t pick up on anything different ?

Dushku : Well, it was faster — and that’s always nice ! : How will Echo be different going forward, considering the events of the season finale ?

Dushku : Being downloaded with all the personalities,
the build-up was about Echo becoming self-aware. It will give the
audience a chance to connect with Echo more, because she’s not just
that blank slate. There’s something behind her eyes creeping out.
That’s the center of the show — can you really erase someone’s
identity ? The answer seems to be no. : That was nice what Paul Ballard did for Mellie, getting her released from her contract early.

Dushku : I know, right ? He’s a love. We have such an
amazing cast... It’s just such an honor to be a part of it. When Joss
sent out that email, everyone one was just flipping out. We were
really, really happy.

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La dingue du Spuffy
# P'tit détective #La dingue du Spuffy

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Ven 22 Mai 2009, 21:29

C'est grace aux fans que la série est renouvelée, franchement je n'aurai jamais imaginé qu'il y aurait une deuxième saison c'est génial pour Eliza et surtout pour Joss Whedon.
Il sera diffusé alors le 13 ème épisode alors ?

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Sam 27 Juin 2009, 19:01

ITW sur la saison 2 de Dollhouse: Interview

Citation :

With Joss Whedon fans ready to throw
their arms up in anger over the expected cancellation of Fox’s
“Dollhouse,” it was a more than a pleasant surprise when Fox announced
last month that the show would be renewed for a second season.

Before the cult hit returns (filming begins next
month !), fans can get their fill of the dolls at San Diego’s
Comic-Con. The unaired 13th episode from season one, titled “Epitaph
One,” will remain off FOX broadcasting channels, but fans will be lucky
enough to see the episode — and Whedon and star Eliza Dushku — during a
two-hour panel.

In a recent interview with MTV, Dushku said the
episode, which is a flash-forward to an post-apocalyptic “different
world of where the Dollhouse can and would evolve to,” will still have
some continuity to seasons one and two.

“It’s still relevant and there are still pertinent
points and pieces that people will be able to just sort of add to the
backstory and a fast-forward story,” the actress says. “The Dollhouse
is deep.”

Eliza said Whedon shot the episode in HD (no word yet
on whether it will be presented in HD at Comic-Con) and it was intended
to be a no-holds-barred mess of anarchy and destruction that would give
the show a satisfactory finale if the show had been canceled.

“[It seemed feasible] looking at his past with Fox,
what they were previously capable of doing,” notes Eliza, referencing
Fox’s cancellation of Whedon’s previous series, “Firefly.”

Eliza wouldn’t give any huge plot points away about the
second season of “Dollhouse,” but she did say that there would
definitely be some storylines following gay and lesbian characters, and
some storylines that would follow her own “adventures” she’s had
traveling to Uganda assisting the rehabilitation of child soldiers.

“Last season we already had an idea for a Liberian
child soldiers story and it just didn’t make it into the first 13. Now
with the second season, we have a lot of stories that we’re looking
forward to telling,” she says. “I sort of do my crazy adventures and
come up and share them with him and they pop up in the scripts.… We aim
to be socially and politically relevant.”

News has already broke that “Firefly” alum Alan Tudyk
will reprise his role as Alpha next season, but Dushku did tease that
“Castle” star and “Firefly” alum Nathan Fillion might be the next to
join the team.

“We didn’t get Fills on [season one],” she said, “but you know, never say never.”

How many of you are looking forward to the second season of “Dollhouse” ? What kinds of storylines would you like to see ?

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Dim 25 Juil 2010, 15:10

Sun, Jul 4 2010 | Published in *NEWS, TV

Eliza Dushku talks Faith the Vampire Slayer
By: Whitney Milam Eliza Dushku was most recently seen as Echo, the persona-shifting ‘doll’ kicking ass and taking names, as Eliza’s characters are wont to do, on Joss Whedon’s short-lived Fox series Dollhouse–but even today, she’s still best known for a different role in another, longer-lasting and much more popular cult classic Whedon series: that of Faith, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dark-haired slayer frenemy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Dushku recently attended the Supanova Pop Culture Expo, where she talked about her years as Faith, and her character’s many complexities, with enduring appreciation. “What I loved about her was that even when she was completely in the dark side, completely out of her mind and killing people and torturing people, she was written in a way, and we played her in a way, that people still felt for her, people still pulled for her. It wasn’t just black and white, good and evil, it was this really complex grey area and people loved her in spite of everything she did.”

Like James Marsters’ peroxide blond British vampire Spike, Faith proved to be such a breakout character that the few episodes Dushku was originally signed for were quickly expanded to extend the entire third season of Buffy and for several more after that, ending with appearances on Buffy’s spin-off series Angel as well. “I realized at a certain point how incredible that role was when I had young women coming up to me on the streets and writing me letters, telling me stories of how they had been abused, and when my character came on Buffy they confronted their abusers,” Dushku says of her character’s inspiring popularity. “It just empowered all these young women.”

Dushku turned down the chance for a Faith spin-off in order to do Tru Calling after Buffy’s end.

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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Jeu 12 Juil 2012, 11:36

Exclusive Preview: On the Set of ‘The Scribbler’

Fred Topel visits Katie Cassidy and Eliza Dushku on the set of the Image graphic novel adaptation.
Before Comic Con starts, we wanted to bring your attention to a comic book movie that might not be making a big production in Hall H. Earlier this summer, we got to visit the set of The Scribbler, based on the Image Comics graphic novel by Daniel Schaffer.

Katie Cassidy plays the title character. Suki (Cassidy) is a woman with multiple personalities, “Dissociative Identity Disorder,” Cassidy herself corrected me between takes. One of Suki’s personalities is The Scribbler, writing messages on the walls which Cassidy has learned to do herself.
“I’ve scribbled a lot,” She said. “I actually practiced writing backwards with my left hand a lot before we started the movie. When you see me in the insane asylum and in that padded cell, I did a lot of the scribbles on the walls in there which was cool.”
In The Scribbler, a machine called “The Siamese Burn” promises to eradicate Suki’s unwanted personalities. Of course that only creates more problems. The night we were on set, Suki was being interrogated by a detective (Michael Imperioli) and criminal psychologist (Eliza Dushku) about some crimes that most certainly were not in her head.
“We are questioning her about the deaths of people who were living in the building where she’s living,” Imperioli said. “I’m convinced that it’s pretty cut and dry and she’s just a psycho killer who’s doing all this. Eliza’s character more coming from the psychoanalytical point of view.”
Linda Vista Community Hospital provided the location for most of the film’s sets. Closed down hospitals are often used for film sets, not only medical dramas. Any unused room can be converted into a work of production design art. I was shown the Siamese Burn room, with a mass of electronic panels and exposed wires like a cyberpunk nightmare.
Cassidy is caught between the sci-fi story and the real world mystery. “I think they both are very much a part of the story,” she said. “Obviously there’s the machine and that sci-fi aspect, but the thing that’s nice about this is it’s very real. I feel like a lot of the characters are heightened. Suki I feel like is pretty grounded and this interrogation scene I think serves that as well.”
The Scribbler will be Dushku’s first film after wrapping her last TV series “Dollhouse,” which coincidentally also dealt with alternate personalities in a sci-fi realm. She has done other television appearances and voice work, but Echo was her last starring role. Now Cassidy has the Echo part.
“She kind of did, yes,” Dushku laughed. “That was one of the first things as you can imagine I saw in this story, in this script. There was a lot of ‘Dollhouse’ action in the brain/personalities in there. She’s killing it. The scenes with [my character] Jennifer Silk and Suki, Jennifer really comes to understand Suki. Everybody else is calling her crazy and trying to extract these different personalities and sides of her, there’s a real connection between the two women.”
The Scribbler shows Katie Cassidy like you’ve never seen her before. Look at the art in the graphic novel. Cassidy rocks the skeleton suit, and even has the lip piercing, though she takes the clip-on ring out between takes. She pointed to the mark it left on her chin.
“If you’ll notice, I started to get a little scab,” Cassidy said. “It’s actually become a habit. I’m in character, then when I’m me, I’ll look for it and it’s not there.”
A drastic transformation was always appealing to Cassidy, so The Scribbler gave her the opportunity. “I’d been looking to play a character like this for a while,” she continued. “Just something you would not expect me to do, that I haven’t done, something different from who I am, what I look like, something I could actually really just take on and get to learn as much as possible. I’m very happy and proud of the stuff that I’ve done and gotten the opportunity to do so far in my career. But I feel like again, as an artist, you get to a point where you need to feel passionate. You need to feel creative and you need to feel drive. This project brought up all of that for me so I was really obviously, when I went in there, certainly campaigning for it.”
Ashlynn Yennie was not filming the night we were on set, but she was kind enough to come to Linda Vista Hospital just to talk to us. If only we could have seen her film her scenes, but it was a closed set for obvious reasons.
“My character Emily has a condition called Vestiphobia,” Yennie said. “I did a bunch of research about Vestiphobia to learn exactly what it was. It’s the fear of being trapped in clothing. That’s my mental condition I deal with in the movie, so I run around naked a lot in this movie.”
Obviously, for the star of The Human Centipede, nudity is not an issue. “It’s not. I think I had to get over that really quickly after the Human Centipede films came out, especially the second one where I was just like, ‘You know what? I’m really naked in this movie.’ It is a real condition and people do suffer from it. She doesn’t understand why we cover ourselves up. She thinks of herself as how animals don’t cover themselves up and how we’re the only species that makes clothing and clothing defines people.”
We’ll bring you the complete interviews with the cast of The Scribbler when the movie gets released.

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Dommage que ce soit en Anglais et qu'il ai pas la traduction


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MessageSujet: Re: Eliza Dushku   Mar 17 Juil 2012, 16:03

Nouvelle ITW d'Eliza :

The internet really loves Eliza Dushku. Simply Googling her name brings up a zillion gushy articles -- plus, a zillion and one pictures that cement said love. Turns out, the feeling is more than mutual.

After cutting her teeth with a cameo on The Guild, Eliza is now doing a proper guest star stint on the white hot webseries Leap Year as "hacker in heels" June Pepper. Additionally, she is drumming up support for her documentary on Albania with aKickstarter campaign. Those are just a few of the things she discussed during our in-depth chat which revealed Eliza's penchant for red heels, her relationship with the webseries' unofficial father and how she keeps falling into pseudo Buffy reunion projects. How did you come to star on Leap Year?
Eliza Dushku: Wilson Cleveland [Leap Year star/producer]. He is a very determined, persistent, passionate, smart and engaging man. Once I looked into the webseries, I was a fan – I've watched from start to finish. I think it's such a cool space to be exploring, so I was stoked. And I loved the role, Miss. June Pepper. I thought it could be a nice little role to slip into. And it was. I can't wait to see the whole series.

PHOTOS - Buffy Reunion on Leap Year I can't decide what I love more, her name or her description as "hacker in heels."
Eliza: [laughs] I know! Wait until you see the heels, they're not a joke – and Wilson gifted me the red pumps. Are you a big heal wearer in real life?
Eliza: I am a big heel wearer -- especially in the last few years with my vertically superior boyfriend [laughs]. I've always been a boots girl though because there's an athlete in me, so the boot is a good in-between. But I do love a pump, especially a red one!

RELATED - Joss Whedon's 10 Favorite Buffy Episodes When you read the role, what attracted you to June?
Eliza: I loved how crazy she was. She's kind of conniving and yet not completely heartless. She's driven and I love the way she throws herself totally into this mission. She has a task at hand and is the kind of person who does what needs to be done. Emma Caulfield also guest stars this season, do you share any scenes?
Eliza: No scenes here unfortunately. I think we did [on Buffy] – I may be completely wrong and 100 Buffy fans will attack me over it [laughs]. It's tough to remember because we also have spent time together over the years, so I may be thinking of that. But I'm sure we had at least one scene together in that final season. But when I got to theLeap Year set, everyone was flipping out over how much they loved her. I saw a snippet of her in the show, and she's just hilarious – just a cuckoo character. I kind of feel like everyone thriving in the world of webseries owes a debt of gratitude to your friend Joss Whedon since he not only proved there was a market for this content, with Dr. Horrible, but also showed that there's money to be made.
Eliza: Absolutely. Joss is an innovator and has an uncanny way of listening to his audiences. And he has for years. Don't get me wrong, he does his own thing and makes you fall in love with characters right before killing them in front of your face [laughs]. I remember way back in the old Buffy days, it was my first experience with posting boards – Joss would have parties at his house with the computer set up in the middle of the room where we would talk to the fans online. No one else was doing that at the time. We were partying with all these fans, basically – and it was just this unbelievably interactive experience for that time. He really tapped in at such an early stage. And that's where globalization has taken us with the internet. It's on such a different scale now and it's exciting for me to be a part of.

PHOTOS - The Avengers Fashion Face-Off You've even gotten involved with Kickstarter for a documentary on Albania you're working on. How's that going?
Eliza: It's going great so far. We've raised about 15,000 and have 19 days left. We're about to do a fundraiser in Boston and possibly NYC, where we can lead some people through the donation process because there are people who may not be as familiar with the world of online donation but want to help – so we're going to teach them! It's always been a goal of mine to connect people – this space is just the absolutely ultimate for that. You connect people from across the globe and it's a really exciting and addicting and stimulating process. Having gone through the Kickstarter process already, would you consider taking this route for future films?
Eliza: Totally. In fact, my brother and I are developing a few things right now and that's one of the conversations. We're working on a Boston-set film now and not sure what space we're going to run with it in. Things are changing so fast, and the goal is to get the message out to as many people as possible. When you look at all the ways the industry is changing, who knows what that will look like in a year. It's exciting. Luckily we have another Eliza movie to look forward to -- The Scribbler, which stars another Buffy co-star, Michelle Trachtenberg!
Eliza: Yep ... and we don't have a scene together there either [laughs]. We just wrapped that last week – it's a cool, independent project. Made that movie for $1 million. That's another instance of the walls coming down and creative people doing what needs to be done to get their message out there. You're seeing the pecking order changing because artists can now go where the good work is.

RELATED - Joss Whedon's Letter of Love to Fans I just mentioned two projects and two Buffy connections -- but given the widespread world Joss has created, I can't imagine it's difficult to play Six Degrees of Joss Whedon with almost any co-star.
Eliza: Oh, completely. There are so many people he's worked with – I forgot that Jeremy Renner was on Angel. A couple of us were just talking about that the other week. There are six degrees of Buffy wherever you look – and that's fun! Well maybe you can shrink that circle even further by starring in The Avengers sequel! I, for one, would love to see you kicking some ass again
Eliza: That would be something! Joss has been pretty generous with me thus far, and you can't expect too much from someone who has already given you so much. But I think Joss was giving me a little time off – he wanted to let me recover from Dollhouse. Plus, The Avengers was so similar to Dollhouse in some ways that I think he probably wanted to get away from me a little bit [laughs].

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Eliza Dushku
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