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 James Marsters

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: James Marsters   Jeu 17 Jan 2008, 15:18

Citation :
"Dragon Ball Z" selon Spike

Séries TV - people - Jeudi 17 Janvier 2008

d'une interview, James Marsters a évoqué son entrée dans l'univers de
"Dragon Ball Z". L'acteur incarne Piccolo dans la nouvelle adaptation
cinématographique de la célèbre franchise...

S'il commence déjà à mettre le feu dans la saison 2 de Torchwood, James Marsters est loin de s'arrêter là... Le cultissime Spike de Buffy est en effet en plein tournage de Dragon Ball Z le film, adapté de la célèbre franchise. "Dragon
Ball est le dessin animé le plus cool des 50 000 dernières années. Il
possède un sens shakespearien du bien et du mal. Le film a des scènes
d'actions démentes, avec des personnages aux pouvoirs incroyables.
Visuellement, cela va être vraiment excitant"
, confiait le comédien so british lors d'une interview.

le rôle de Piccolo, le fameux ennemi de Sangoku, il devrait d'ailleurs
faire l'étalage de nombreux pouvoirs. Un rôle sur mesure pour un acteur
très motivé par cette nouvelle aventure, mais qui reste discret sur le
résultat final : "Je n'ai pas vraiment le droit de parler des détails du film, mais je peux vous dire que James Wong
est manifestement un réalisateur doué et perspicace ! Lorsque j'ai eu
le rôle, j'avais des doutes. Mais depuis que je m'immerge dedans, je me
rends compte que je vais assurer comme jamais. Je le désire ardemment."
Au cinéma le 13 août 2008, Dragon Ball Z compte Justin Chatwin mais aussi Chow Yun-Fat au casting.

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♣♣♣ Drama Queen ♣♣♣
♣♣♣ Drama Queen ♣♣♣

Age : 30
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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Jeu 17 Jan 2008, 19:39

Ouais, je sais pas, il aura beau dire ce qu'il veut, là Dragon Ball Z ça m'inspire pas du tout ! bleh

^^Tchou Tchou !^^

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Bangel Fanatic
Bangel Fanatic

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 18 Jan 2008, 21:44

Idem! C'est pas du tout mon truc!
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Mangue de bol
Mangue de bol

Age : 34
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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 18 Jan 2008, 23:10

Bah le truc c'est que Piccolo c'est un bonhomme vert au physique pas très atrayant .. donc j'ai du mal à m'imaginer. Mais j'irais TRES certainement voir ça !! lol
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Age : 32
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Date d'inscription : 16/06/2007

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Dim 20 Jan 2008, 18:53

Ca va peut-être donner un résultat bizarre, non ? lol Je suis pas sûre que j'irai voir le film.
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Potential Slayers
Potential Slayers

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Lun 21 Jan 2008, 11:18

A l'époque j'aimais beaucoup DBZ (la faute à mon frère et mes cousins^^) mais le fait de vouloir l'adapter au cinéma je le sens pas du tout !! Je voie vraiment pas comment ils vont faire pour que ce soit un minimum crédible... hum
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Mangue de bol
Mangue de bol

Age : 34
Nombre de messages : 11650
Date d'inscription : 17/01/2008

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Lun 21 Jan 2008, 13:27

De toute façon soit çasera excellent (en harmonie avec le dessin animé, plein d'effets spéciaux), soit ça sera complètement pourrave ...
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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 32
Nombre de messages : 24055
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Mar 01 Avr 2008, 12:14

Citation :
James Marsters ('Torchwood')
Tuesday, April 1 2008, 10:24 BST
By Neil Wilkes, Editor

As the megalomaniac, pansexual Time Agent Captain John Harper, James Marsters has been a welcome addition to Torchwood's
much-improved second season. So far Captain John has been unsucessful
in his attempts to bump off the team, despite having posioned Gwen,
pushed Jack off the top of a building, and blown up a warehouse with
them all inside. But with a truly devastating finale set for this
Friday, will Captain John finally get his way? DS speaks to the cult legend Marsters to find out.

Let's start by talking about Torchwood...
"That show is the best. I love that show! That show's pissing all the right people off, I love it."

What do you mean by that?
sure in the UK it is accepted for what it is more, but in Mexico and in
the United States, there's a good streak of homophobia. A lot of
characters are unabashedly bisexual in Torchwood; in fact my
character's way beyond bisexual, my character will do anything that has
a hole! I used to do lots of plays that could piss people off for the
right reason and Torchwood's found a way to do that."

Is that what attracted you to the part?
I wasn't aware of the backlash at the time. I was just attracted to a
really good script and a really fun character. I love playing people
who are evil, don't care, and have no guilt. A friend told me to watch Doctor Who and I thought 'this is really fabulous actually'. We called Russell [T Davies] and asked him if I could be on Doctor Who and he said 'no', but that I should come over and be part of Torchwood instead."

the penultimate episode we learn that Captain John is responsible for
blowing up the building with the team inside. How does that play out in
the finale?

"Well I can't give too much away, but John has
come into league with Grey. When we see him in the holographic image,
that is a man who doesn't understand what is truly going on. That's the
look of a man who's in way over his head and doesn't even know it yet.
Things do change!"

Moving on to Buffy, do you think the Spike movie will ever happen? Is it something you're still keen to do?
would love to. My face has held up a little better than I thought it
would! One thing I told Joss [Whedon] is that I don't want to do the
character when I'm so old that we have to explain that to the audience.
I would like to film the character while he's still believably the same
age. One of the coolest things about being a vampire is that you are
immortal, so I think if we go back to Spike when I can't hold that
illiusion, we're going to end it on less than a great note. I went to
Joss and gave him an idea for a script that he liked a lot actually."

What's the gist of it?
tries for the girl, he loses the girl, a monster attacks, he tries to
defeat the monster and can't. But he wins a new pair of shoes for
himself, because he can't fight any more and his old boots have given
up on him. It sounds kind of stupid, but actually when you play the
story out it's kind of funny. Joss said 'That's a great idea, I love
it, it's cheap' - and it seemed like everything was set to go, but then
it evaporated."

Do you think the idea could be revisited?
am still interested in it. At this point I would like to do some camera
tests to find out if it's possible to photograph me as Spike, but
that's not hard to do. With the right lighting, who knows? Maybe I
should start drinking carrot juice! The project is not really on the
front burner with Joss now. It seems like he made a little attempt and
then it just didn't happen. I don't wanna get bitter about it. I was
kind of excited that it might happen and I've tried to make it happen.

never really felt that Spike was a character that held Joss's
imagination, frankly. He was not designed to be part of that show. In
the original concept of the show, vampires were to be killed, they were
not to be felt for or liked. When I came around suddenly he had two
vampires everyone liked - first he had Angel to contend with, which was
not his idea, and then he had Spike. In a way I was in peril with the
theme of the show in his eyes. In the back of my mind when the shows
[ended], I kind of wondered if he would ever come back to the
character. I thought it would be better for him if he didn't deal with
that character any more. I never thought he'd get [the movie] off the
ground actually, even when he was telling me he was going to get it off
the ground."

As you say he's moved on to another project, Dollhouse, which you've been linked to. Any truth in that?
"I'm not familiar with it. What's that?"

(DS explains the concept).
that sounds great. He hasn't mentioned it to me, but if he wants me to
come and read, I would love to. He's a great boss."

What can we expect at The Rift event and your live gigs next month?
"I think you can expect a very interesting time at The Rift. I'm very happy that we're not only able to get some of the major actors from Torchwood,
who are all fabulous people by the way, but also three of the major
writers. With the music, people can expect an intimate evening. I just
tour with my guitar, and I play these songs that I've written. So, it's
a simple evening, there's no bells and whistles."

What else is coming up?
"I just got back from filming Dragonball, so I'm healing from that. I'm going back to do Smallville next week and think I'll be doing Torchwood again before too long. Then resting, and basically working out - Dragonball
is all about muscles and I can't be doing the press tour for it without
muscles. I gotta pump my pecs. Girls like boobs too, you know."

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 32
Nombre de messages : 24055
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 02 Mai 2008, 11:54

James Marsters
the Borderline. Lovely little hole in the wall place off a side street
that was practically closed due to construction. Ah, London. Lovely
sun-shining London. That would be a not! LOL! Although, I do
have to admit that I actually did see the sun when we initially swung
by the venue to get our bearings. It was while we were having lunch
(we’d not eaten since early that morning and it was going on 3:30p.m.)
that the clouds re-appeared.

We finished eating and meandered
over to the Borderline. Got there about 5-ish; the queue had gotten a
tad bit longer, about 30ish people then. Stepped in line and promptly
started chatting up the people in front of us (that we didn’t know) and
a couple of others that spikesdeb knew.

Ten minutes after that? You guessed it! The lovely clouds opened up, and it began to rain. *snerk*

*cue umbrellas opening*

It’s like we created our own roof, the line of us. Or, once spikesdeb trotted off to go retrieve one for us.

6:00p.m. two lovely ladies came out and said they were gonna open the
doors about 6:30p.m. to get us in out of the rain. Yeah, didn’t happen.
I can’t remember what time we were let in, but I’m pretty sure it was
right about 7:00p.m.

Barring the extremely tall woman that was
front stage center and broke out in dance a few times, and another
“taller than me” person directly in front of me that also decided to sway to the beat from time to time, I had an excellent spot in which to view the Q & A and concert.

first part is pretty word-for-word. I’ll let you know when I start
guessing at remembering the questions. (I didn’t bring a pen so I
couldn’t jot down key buzzwords from the questions to refresh my memory

James: Just to kick it off, for those of you that came
out on Saturday, I want to apologize that I couldn’t come out and play
music. I had bad jetlag along with a bit of intestinal flu. (He TMI’d
us with info that he’d been in the bathroom for over an hour.) The good
news is I’m feeling better. The bad news is that I seem to have given
the disease to Steve Himber; so he will NOT be performing. (Went on to
say that he doesn’t talk about his children.) So, I have a mike and you
don’t. Sorry. But, I guess if you guys want to raise your hands and
I’ll point, you guys can ask some questions and I’ll be as honest as

Question was made about him being inducted into the
“Mile High Club” and whether or not he learned anything else from her,
or she him.

James: Did I learn anything else from her? Oh yeah.
*chuckles* [Did he teach her?] In a sexual sense, no… *said extremely
drawn out* I think I taught her to be a little more patient with her

Mentioned that he felt like he was in an auction. Someone shouted out that “we wish!”

new friend we met in line, Joanie, from Switzerland – a JM con newbie –
asked if James liked Swiss chocolate. I believe he answered with an
emphatic YES! And, she gave him some. Yay!

James: Question was
“a lot of people from the Buffy the Vampire show have been on
Supernatural, and am I planning on going on” and the answer is I’ve not
been asked yet, but I’d love to.

Someone asked him something about home, I believe.

A poet once said homes that home is where, if you show up at the door,
they can’t lock you out. And since have a key… My house. Yeah, it’s
when you really can relax.

James: So the question is “in a
relationship between Captain John and Captain Jack, who is the
submissive, and who is the dominant?” That I think is probably why the
relationship didn’t work, because they BOTH thought they were the
dominant and the other was the sub.

Question: I just have to
say that I thought your version of Chocolate Jesus was almost better
than Tom Waits version. And, I wanted to see if you like the P. J.
Harvey band?

James: Oh, wow! I don’t know P. J. really totally well but, very good. But, I don’t know any songs.

Comment: I think you should do some covers.

James: Right on. And then I don’t have to write songs, and it won’t take so long.

Someone asked about James liking U2/Bono.

The question was "Do I like U2? And what do I think of Bono being a
humanitarian." I think that U2 has always been one of my favorite
bands; I think that they’ve always been honest and powerful. They’ve
always meant what they sing about. And, I think that Bono has taken
that same passion and just as he becomes older and more mature his
concerns get wider and wider. They say that, you know, you start just
kinda hopefully caring about yourself. And then you get taught to care
about your family. And then you get taught to care about your classroom
at school. And then hopefully, it keep expanding until you care about
your larger community, and hopefully at the end, the whole world. So,
it’s no surprise that he’s doing that, but I think that GOD, someone
needs to. And, I’m glad it’s him.

Moving on with the next portion of the Q & A...

Questions about who picked who, James or Steve.

We’ve been together so long. We picked each other, from across a
crowded room. *laughs* But I, my agent told me that they didn’t have
time for all of my foolish questions; I had to have a manager I could
bother. Steve was one of the first meetings that I had, and we just
automatically locked. Cuz I thought that he would be the guy to tell me
to “eff off” when I needed to. And I was right!

Question about teaching - say, at Julliards.

*laughs* If I had a chance to teach at Julliard? Yeah! I’d tell them
all to leave. They’d fire me so fast. They’d kick me out all over
again. The thing is that Jilliard gets a lot of really good students.
They really kind of have their pick of the American, the young American
talent every year, but half of the people who graduate every year quit
because they’re told that they’re horrible and that acting is not fun.
So, basically half of American theatrical talent is squelched by that…
cinderblock on 66th street.

Question about playing Macbeth in movie? And who would he cast?

I have played Macbeth, actually. But if I were to cast a movie version?
God. It would be someone young, and innocent. Rather like the lady that
Roman Polanski cast in his Macbeth back in the sixties. Uh, I don’t
think that Lady Macbeth is a castrating beyotch. I think that that’s
the exact opposite of what she is. In fact, she is, in fact, too
innocent. And she thinks that if she forgets about the crime then she
won’t go crazy. And, she’s wrong. But, she’s not conniving. If she was
conniving, she wouldn’t go crazy. She wouldn’t… there would be no “out
damn spot”. It’s all guilt coming on a very young mind.

Question about him going to Germany.

James: Actually, I’m going to Germany on Tuesday. *sound of hearts breaking all over the room*

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 32
Nombre de messages : 24055
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 02 Mai 2008, 11:55

Question about Without A Trace.

The question is “did I enjoy doing Without A Trace and would I like to
do another procedural cop show like CSI or something.” Uh, I enjoyed it
very much. The other actors on the show were REALLY nice and REALLY
good. Like Anthony is just amazing. And Ms. Baptiste is just amazing as
well. But, you know, some of the writers on Buffy, we all complain
about the same thing. Because, like, we go off on these other project,
these really good projects, but we get bored because we want a demon to
jump out and rip somebody’s head off… a portal to open and a space ship
comes out or something like that. So, in a way, it was fun, because
it’s a very different kind of word, and the dialogue is really heavy on
information, and just trying as an actor to sound normal and
interesting is its own challenge. But, I want a demon to come out and
rip somebody’s head off.

Question about size. (And naturally, his mind went into the gutter. LOL!)

I don’t know if I understand the question. Size does matter, you guys
know that. But as far as acting, that’s my personal boundary. [Question
clarification; James does a bit of oopsy, self-depreciating grin.] Um,
you know, see… I don’t think so. I don’t think the camera can really
tell how tall you are. But the casting director seem to really care
about that a lot. I always joke to my son that if I was five inches
taller, we’d all be rich.

Question about bad habits, and needing help with doing away with them.

I used to be composed of bad habits. But that was a LONG time ago. And,
I’ve irradicated them all except for nicotine patches, but I think that
I’m gonna have to do that on my own.

Question about his most embarrassing question and what his answer was.

James: I really don’t remember GETTING an embarrassing question. *points to himself* Shameless.

Question about what he likes to do on holiday/where he would like to go.

Where do I go on holiday? I really haven’t had a holiday in… uh… five
years. *cue sympathetic aww'ing by crowd* The other side is, I’m not
unemployed. So, that’s good. I went with my family to Hawaii. I spent a
WHOLE lot of money, but it was worth it. Right now, if I could really
choose where to go (paraphrased) it would be my own bed, something
about ice water. Guest commented about him coming round to her bed (or
some such) and he laughed.

Question about experience at Indie Festival.

I did very much. What I really liked about it was there was a wonderful
group that started us off. Maybe some of you were there. So, I had a
nice crowd by my stage of like 300 people. But then, during the set,
like 200 more wafted by and stayed. And, that made me feel good. Made
me feel like they were staying for the music.

Question about what to see on the west coast.

James: I would
take as much of Highway 1 as you have time for. [I second that!]
(Person asked about convertible.) No. No. It would be very rainy and
cold. Well, you know, if you put the top up, yeah sure, convertible.
There are some rock formations along the coast of Washington that are
just jaw droppingly beautiful. I would also recommend the Olympic
Penninsula in Washington state. Go to the old growth forests. I would
very much recommend going to the San Juan Islands off the coast of
Washington. When you get to California, do some wine tasting up north,
there’s some really nice stuff up there. Go to Carmel-by-the-sea. If
you can stay at a Sea Lemar, near, I forget where that is.. Sea Lemar,
it’s kinda near Carmel… (Someone says it’s not.) Told ya, I forgot.
Yeah, I think that would be, probably be a pretty good trip actually.
Sounds like a great trip actually.

(Sea Lemar =
Solimar. As in, the Solimar Reefs, beaches, etc. that can be seen from
the Old Highway 1 in California, a lovely drive, but a definite speed
trap, so watch the speedometer! And, James, they’re by Ventura, about
four hours away from Carmel. Right outside your back door, practically,
hun. *wink* *loves confused!James* - And, if this wasn’t what he was
talking about, I’ve no clue as to where he’s trying to reference.)

Question, courtesy of my loverly twin, spikesdeb: I hear you are a closet Trekkie, as am I. Would you have liked to have been in the new Star Trek film?

I am a Trekkie. I really am not that far in the closet. I actually
wrote my own Star Trek show. But, then, Enterprise took my idea. (He
proceeded to waffle on – as spikesdeb
would say – for SEVERAL minutes, where he described IN DETAIL about his
luverly pre-series Star Trek plot. [Oh boy, did he ever!]

After that, my camera went on strike, so I only have a vague recollection of what else was asked. Below are the highlights…

people he would have dinner with – dead or alive: Albert Einstein,
Ghandi, and George W, so they could do things to him that would get a
visit to my house by the Sekrit!Service if I spelled them out, oh, and
apparently even Ghandi would struggle not to join in. Or, so James

Spike movie: At the Paleyfest, Joss hemmed and
hawed, and SMG pretty much nixed idea. She’s in Africa helping
children, apparently. To which James said good on her.
How much
money would it take to dye his hair: as soon as Sarah comes back from
Africa. (James, I lurve the color of your current "do"; don't change a

He would like to play Iago from Othello, but that Hamlet
needed to be played by a young kid, about 17 or so. (I’m sure he’s
talked about this particular question SEVERAL times now.) Quoted lines
from Hamlet to do with him (Hamlet) getting up in the morning/why do I
bother type of thing, and said that a 45 year old actor basically
couldn’t pull off the lines or be believable.

Dragonball – signed on for two more, nothing else currently in the works.

about Steve doing “Dancing with the Stars” and James being HIS manager,
and James said that Steve would be a better dancer than him being a
manager, but that he’d take his 10%.

He’d like to write and perform music with: Gareth David-Lloyd; David Gareth has a tight band. (Thanks, babysquid, for the correct! Did I mention I was tired? I think spikesdeb and I are running on about 4-5 hours sleep a night right now. I'm gonna need a vacation from my vacation!)

What was Joss like to work for? Joss was great, and angry, and it just depended on the day as to what you got. Also, he – again
– mentioned that he had no say in Spike’s dialogue, etc. and added that
if he got one adverb wrong/out of place, etc. when filming that they
would re-shoot the scene, no matter that it had been a good take.

Would he take a part in “Dollhouse”? In a heartbeat.

was this Supergirl thing that graduated to Superwoman, and when someone
in the audience said it was SuperGIRL on Saturday, that he commented
that he was still hashing out the details in his mind, but that he’d
like to get Russell T. Davis to hold his hand with the project. Wanted
to set it in the UK.

Oh, and he had enough music for half of an album.

he went to LA and when? About two months after his son was born.
Basically, he had this shifting of cognitive priorities; he also
pondered having studies done on men – and women – to test the theory.
(James, I can you tell you, women have mastered this [our ability to
grow up and prioritize our lives, what we want, etc.] at a VERY young
age. *grin* *cough*canwesaymaturity?*cough*) And his reason going?
MONEY!!! Basically, his child couldn’t exist on James’ meager
salary/lifestyle working in theater and he could only provide for his
child by “gathering what he had left of his soul and selling it.”
(Paraphrased, but damn close to what he actually said.)

Well, that’s about all I can remember. If anyone can think of anything else, let me know, and I’ll get it added.

And that's a wrap! Hopefully my spellings, etc. weren't too bad to muddle through. *iz d.e.d.* I'm correcting as I'm being made aware of boo boos. ^_~

all, it was a fun time, and I was really surprised by how long it went
on. Steve must have REALLY been off his game on Wednesday. LOL!

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# P'tit détective #
La siphonée du bocal
# P'tit détective #La siphonée du bocal

Age : 31
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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 02 Mai 2008, 13:03

Il a un fils?!!! Je savais meme pas!!!

C A S T L E      F A N

love in l.o.v.e w/ Nathan Fillion love
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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

Age : 32
Nombre de messages : 24055
Date d'inscription : 29/08/2007

MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Mer 09 Juil 2008, 11:23

James Marsters - "Dragon Ball" Movie - Jump Square Magazine Interview

What is the difference between the original and the live-action movie ?

JM: Definitely the story of this movie is different
from the original. But it’s a necessary change because we need to
condense the long story of the original for a movie. For example, some
characters in the original don’t appear in the movie. And we try to
give it a more gritty and graphic (realistic) feeling.

Though there are differences between the two, I think
it is all right if the core part of Dragonball remains. I let my son
watch the anime’s Dragonball, DBZ and DBGT since he was eight years
old. At first, I thought it was too violent, but I realized this is the
best show for training to become a true man. True men need not to
flaunt themselves. Their calm, gentle and modest but when it comes to
the crunch they don’t hesitate to kill the enemy, and I think that’s
what Goku is.

Goku is a real man. I know my son received such a
message and applied it to his own life. My son doesn’t use violence to
others, but he isn’t afraid of his own anger. I think it’s an important

How many hours does it take to apply the make-up?

JM: It takes about four hours. Luckily, my make-up artist is very chatty, we have a lot of chat during the make up.

Please tell us the most remarkable scene in the movie, especially action scenes!

JM: It is the last battle after all! I like playing the
battle scene. When I worked for a TV show for seven years, every Friday
I fought till sun rise, I felt I would never have such a good time
again until now. In addition, I have never gotten terribly hurt (laugh).

Do you talk with other co-stars as well?

JM: When I have a problem, I have a talk with Justin
[Chatwin]. At first, we worried about the costumes. We thought it
should reflect the spirit of the original, we persisted this thought to
the producers. We didn’t want to make our characters beautiful and
safe. I talked with Justin, and he agreed with me. So did the director.

What do you care about in acting for this movie?

JM: That’s a good question. Speaking of Piccolo, one
word comes into my mind, it’s “loneliness”. Piccolo is always floating
in the air in the beautiful landscape, but he never even admires the
landscape, he is only thinking or musing and staring at his feet. I
think that is a characteristic of piccolo more than anything else.
Maybe it must be a characteristic for revenge. He hates himself and
blames the people who has trapped him. His desire to kill not only them
but their family, furthermore to destroy the city and the planet they
live and protect. To get revenge is everything to him. Everything.

How was shooting in Durango?

JM: The desert of Durango is very cold at night
(laugh). I was luckily wearing armor, but Goku was freezing at the
beginning of shooting. The local people are very kind and get along
with us. Besides they love to party very much! If I didn’t have work, I
would be willing to join them. They are drinking and singing songs
until 4:30 a.m. But I need to sleep for the shooting the next day,
after all so I changed the hotel to get away from the partying people.

Finally, please give us a message to our readers in Japan.

JM: Japan is beautiful. Thank you for giving Dragonball
to us! It’s an important show to us all and I want you to watch it,
especially the young people. I thank the show for a lot of good times
with my son. I’ll do my best to meet the high expectations the fans

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♣♣♣ Drama Queen ♣♣♣

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Mer 09 Juil 2008, 20:18

Ricardo a écrit:
I let my son
watch the anime’s Dragonball, DBZ and DBGT since he was eight years
old. At first, I thought it was too violent, but I realized this is the
best show for training to become a true man. True men need not to
flaunt themselves. Their calm, gentle and modest but when it comes to
the crunch they don’t hesitate to kill the enemy, and I think that’s
what Goku is.

Goku is a real man. I know my son received such a
message and applied it to his own life. My son doesn’t use violence to
others, but he isn’t afraid of his own anger. I think it’s an important
Bah dis donc ! hein C'est quoi cette vision machiste des choses ??

^^Tchou Tchou !^^

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: "Spike", le film   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 12:42

je sais pas du tout ce ki se dit... mais bon ça doit surement parlé d'une film sur Spike lol

Citation :
James Marsters - "Spike" Movie - Interview

James Marsters: “You guys like watching me getting humiliated…”

James Marsters has been a really busy guy lately. He’s returned to Smallville
as Brainiac, taken on the role of Piccolo in the upcoming big screen
version of Dragonball, had a recurring role on Torchwood, had a cameo
as real-life serial killer Ted Bundy in the TV miniseries The Green
River Killer and played a number of concerts in support of his new
album, Like a Waterfall. Talking with the audience at Creation
Entertainment’s Grand Slam convention in Burbank, California, Marsters
talked about his latest projects and looked back at his time on Buffy.

After attending Star Trek conventions in your childhood, how did it feel the first time you were a convention guest yourself?

It makes me appreciate that you guys are letting your freak out! I
had a lot of the best times of my life with Spock ears [at
conventions]. There are a lot of intelligent, interesting, wonderfully
weird people in my fan base.

How was it filming Dragonball in the extensive Piccolo make-up?

The first time we did the make-up, it took 17 hours, so four hours
seemed like nothing. My costume looked great, but I couldn’t breathe in

Any surprises in doing a big budget movie?

I suspect it’s going to turn out really well, but so much is done in
post-production, it’s difficult to gauge. In Durango, they wanted
Piccolo to be more beautiful, and I wanted him to be old, decrepit and
ugly. There are no mirrors in prison. [The character has been in prison
for two thousand years.]

The character started out looking young and beautiful. I went to the
make-up artist and said, ‘The producers want the character to be
beautiful, but the producers ain’t here. And we’re going to put back
with paint what they took away with the sculpt [prosthetics make-up].’
The director agreed with me. I would rather have been fired than mess
up Piccolo.

Will fans of the Dragonball and Dragonball Z series like the movie?

There have been some changes, but it’s true to the heart of Dragonball.

What was it like playing serial killer Ted Bundy?

The first thing is, I walked on set and the director said, ‘You look
exactly like Ted Bundy!’…A friend of mine, [playwright] John Pielmeier,
wrote it, which is one of the reasons I did it. A killer thinks
everyone else is a killer – [in their minds] they’re just protecting
themselves…It’s okay when you’re shooting, but after, when you go home,
you feel dirty.

How was the Buffy reunion at the Paley Center, when you were
on stage with Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and other Buffy cast
and writers?

From my side, it was kind of a letdown – there were good questions,
but we didn’t say anything really dangerous. Well, Seth [Green] did. I
felt like we were trying to protect something. I felt like the audience
was ready, but we weren’t.

How did you feel about not being a Big Bad on Buffy?

I was really, really, really mad about not being a Big Bad.
[Marsters found out that as a regular, Spike was supposed to be
pathetic.] But you guys like watching me get humiliated. I decided to
suffer as beautifully as I could, with dignity.

How did you feel about the end of Buffy as a series?

The end of that show was not about Spike, it was about the
Potentials. I would have liked the Potentials not to have been on the
show. Lovely women, but I would have liked [Spike] to have chosen to
sacrifice himself.

Would you rather do a Buffy/Spike movie or a Spike/Drusilla movie?

I had this idea [for a Spike movie] for Spike in London. We never
saw Spike proactively say, ‘I want that’ – he’s a loser, he should want
something very small. He tries to date a new woman and tries to keep
her from finding out he’s a vampire – I think it would be hilarious.
She finds out he’s a vamp, is disgusted [and leaves him]. He tries to
fight a monster – it blows up to six times as big as he thought it was.
He runs away saying, ‘I need a witch, I need a librarian …’ He does get
a new pair of boots at the end.

If Spike and Angel were hanging from a cliff and Xander could only save one, who would he save?

Spike, ‘cause he’s a little lighter. I think Xander would ask, ‘Do I have to save either?’

What do you think of Spike in the new Angel Season Six comics?

I haven’t read the comics, but I’m very afraid of this. I don’t have
to re-enact the character [for the comics], but I feel like [Spike is]
my character, too.

Who’d win in a fight, Spike or Brainiac?

How good a weapon is humour? I’d wish Spike would win, but Brainiac has superpowers …

Do you have a favourite character you’ve played onstage?

Macbeth, because that’s a very mature look at evil as a product of human choices.

What makes you cry?

Thinking about my kids, or if I lose hope for a few hours...I can be a subversive artist just by crying in public.

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 13:12

Traduction pour ceux ki ne parlent pas anglais !
Citation :

Quelle est la différence entre l'original et l'adaptation Live ?

L'histoire de ce film est définitivement différente de l'original. Mais c'est nécessaire
de changer parce que nous avons besoin de condenser la longue histoire
de l'original pour un film. Par exemple, certains personnages de
l'original n'apparaissent pas dans le film. Et nous essayons de donner
à cela une sensation plus dure et graphique (réaliste).

Bien qu'il y ait
des différences entre les deux, je pense que c'est tout bon si
l'essentiel de Dragonball demeure. Je laisse mon fils regarder les
animations de Dragonball, DBZ et DBGT (?) depuis ses
8 ans. D'abord, je pensais que c'était trop violent, mais j'ai réalisé
que c'était le meilleur show pour s'entraîner à devenir un vrai homme.
Les vrais hommes n'ont pas besoin de faire l'étalage d'eux-mêmes. Leur
calme, leur douceur et modestie... mais au moment crucial, ils
n'hésitent pas à tuer l'ennemi et je pense que c'est ce qu'est Goku.

Goku est
un homme vrai. Je sais que mon fils a reçu un tel message et l'a
appliqué à sa propre vie. Mon fils n'use pas de la violence envers les
autres mais il n'a pas peur de sa propre colère. Je pense que c'est une
chose importante.

Combien d'heures faut-il pour appliquer le maquillage ?

Cela prend environ 4 heures. Heureusement, mon maquilleur est très bavard, nous parlons beaucoup durant le maquillage.

S'il vous plaît, dites-nous la scène la plus remarquable dans le film, en particulier sur les scènes d'action.

C'est la dernière
bataille après tout ! J'aime bien jouer la scène de la bataille. Quand
j'ai travaillé pour une série Tv pendant 7 ans, chaque vendredi, je me
battais jusqu'au lever du soleil, je pensais que je n'aurais plus
jamais un moment aussi bon à nouveau... jusqu'à maintenant ! De plus,
je n'ai jamais été terriblement blessé (rires).

Parlez-vous aussi avec les autres co-stars de Dragonball ?

Quand j'ai un problème, je discute avec Justin Chatwin.
D'abord, nous étions préoccupé au sujet des costumes. Nous pensions
qu'ils devaient refléter l'esprit de l'original, nous avons persisté
dans notre idée auprès des réalisateurs. Nous ne voulions pas faire nos
personnages beaux et sûrs. J'ai discuté avec Justin et il était
d'accord avec moi. Et le directeur également.

A quoi faisez-vous attention au niveau de l'interprétation pour ce film ?

C'est une bonne question. Pour parler de Piccolo,
un mot me vient à l'esprit, c'est "solitude". Piccolo est toujours à
flotter dans les airs dans ce beau paysage mais il ne l'admire jamais.
Il est simplement en train de penser, rêver ou regarder ses pieds. Je
pense que c'est un trait propre à Piccolo plus qu'autre chose.
Peut-être est-ce une caractéristique pour la vengeance. Il se déteste
et fait des reproches aux gens qui l'ont piégé. Son désir est de non
seulement les tuer mais tuer également leurs familles - en outre,
détruire la ville et la planète sur laquelle ils vivent et qu'ils
protègent. Se venger est tout pour lui. Tout.

Comment était le tournage à Durango ?

Le désert de Durango est vraiment froid la nuit (rit). Heureusement, je portais une armure mais Goku
était en train de geler au début de tournage. Les habitants de Durango
sont très gentils et s'entendent avec nous. En plus, ils aiment
beaucoup faire la fête ! Si je n'avais pas à travailler, je les aurais
rejoint volontiers. Ils boivent et chantent jusqu'à 4 h 30 du matin.
Mais j'avais besoin de dormir pour le tournage le lendemain après tout,
donc j'ai changé d'hôtel pour partir loin de ces fêtards.

Enfin, donnez un message pour nos lecteurs au Japon.

Le Japon est merveilleux. Merci de nous avoir donné Dragonball
! C'est un show important pour nous tous et je veux que vous regardiez,
en particulier les jeunes. Je remercie la série pour les nombreux bons
moments avec mon fils. Je ferai de mon mieux pour me montrer à la
hauteur des espérances des fans.

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# P'tit détective #
La siphonée du bocal
# P'tit détective #La siphonée du bocal

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 13:32

James dit ce qu'il aurait aimé que Spike fasse si il yavait eu un film sur Spike. Mais yen a pas. bleh

C A S T L E      F A N

love in l.o.v.e w/ Nathan Fillion love
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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 14:01

Ô rage, ô désespoir... pourquoi ce film n'existe-t-il pas? !!! La vie est injuste.... (Franchement une série rien que pour l'autre brun, là, Angel et rien du tout pour Spike, qui est tellement plus: intéressant, beau, sympathique, drôle... bref, tous les adjectifs positifs en ma possession...)
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Watchers' Council
Watchers' Council

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 14:21

je partage ton avis V. ca aurai était trés bien un film sur spike mais malheureusement pleure nous ne l'aurons pas briques
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Mode Sweet Jenny
Mode Sweet Jenny

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 15:20

V. a écrit:
Spike, qui est tellement plus: intéressant, beau, sympathique, drôle... bref, tous les adjectifs positifs en ma possession...)
Tu dois aussi posséder les adjectifs chiant, ennuyeux et bête alors ! bleh

Heureusement que ca existe pas, j'aurais boycotté !! boude
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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 17:30

J'ai dit les adjectifs positifs... voyons comment oses-tu dire ça de Spike?!? Franchement.... Ce n'est pas un sacrilège, mais presque...
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Wolfram & Hart
Wolfram & Hart

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 18:31

Trop dommage, ça m'aurait fais plaisir de revoir une partie du cast pour un film
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Buffy Slayer
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♠ Spuffy Addict ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 18:36

Oh, j'aurais trop aimé un film sur Spike!
C'est vrai que c'est dommage, il y aurait eu de quoi faire un bon film, avec un personnage aussi intéréssant. love

"You risked everything to be a better man. And you can be. You are. You may not see it, but I do. I do. I believe in you, Spike." (Buffy, Never Leave Me)

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Défendeuse officielle des C/A

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Ven 11 Juil 2008, 18:38

J'ai failli hurler quand j'ai vu ça, mais ouf, non, y en a pas lol
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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Jeu 24 Juil 2008, 11:43

la suite de l'ITW en français

Citation :

Comment était la réunion de Buffy au Paley Center ? Quand vous étiez sur scène avec Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar et les autres acteurs et auteurs de Buffy ?

De mon côté,
c'était plutôt une déception __ il y avait de bonnes questions mais
nous n'avons rien dit de vraiment dangereux. Enfin!, Seth Green
l'a fait. Je sentais comme si nous étions en train de protéger quelque
chose. Je sentais que le public était prêt mais nous ne l'étions pas.

Comment vous sentiez-vous de ne pas être un Grand Méchant de la série Buffy ?

J'étais très, très, très 'furieux' de ne pas être un Grand Méchant. [ Marsters trouvait qu'en tant que régulier, Spike
était supposé être pitoyable. ] Mais vous les gars, vous aimez me voir
humilié. J'ai décidé de souffrer aussi élégamment que je le pouvais,
avec dignité.

Comment vous sentiez-vous à propos de la fin de Buffy en tant que série ?

La fin de la série
n'était pas au sujet de Spike mais au sujet des Potentielles. J'aurais
aimé que les Potentielles ne soient pas dans le show. Filles très
agréables, mais j'aurais aimé que Spike eut choisi de se sacrifier

Préfèreriez-vous un film Spike / Buffy ou un film Spike / Drusilla ?

[Pour un film sur
Spike] j'ai eu cette idée pour Spike à Londres. Nous n'avons jamais vu
Spike proactivement dire 'Je veux cela' __ Il est un perdant, il
devrait vouloir quelque chose de très petit.
Il essaye de sortir avec une nouvelle femme et essaye de la tenir
éloigner du fait qu'il est un vampire __ je pense que ce serait
hilarant. Elle découvre qu'il est un vampire, elle est dégoûtée et le
quitte. Il essaye de battre un monstre __ ce dernier s'agrandit de six
fois sa taille aussi grand qu'il pensait que c'était. Spike s'enfuit en
disant 'J'ai besoin d'une sorcière, j'ai besoin d'un libraire, ...' Il
s'achète une nouvelle paire de chaussures à la fin.

(Avec une telle idée, je comprends que le film n'ait jamais vu le jour :D)

Que pensez-vous de Spike dans la nouvelle saison 6 d'Angel dans les comics ?

Je n'ai pas lu les
bandes dessinées mais je suis effrayé par cela. Je n'ai pas à re-jouer
le personnage pour la bande dessinée mais je sens que Spike est aussi
mon personnage.

Qui gagnerait un combat, Spike ou Brainiac ?

A quelle point est l'humour une arme ? Je souhaite que Spike gagne mais Brainiac a de super-pouvoirs.

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♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠
♠ El Ángel de la Guarda ♠

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   Lun 18 Aoû 2008, 02:42

Citation :

Dans cette nouvelle interview mensuelle de James Marsters, l'acteur revient sur le fait que Buffy
soit gay dans la dernière bande dessinée dérivée de la série et discute
du fait qu'il est peut-être celui qui va trop loin dans les scènes
d'amour, entre autres.

Comment gérez-vous si quelqu'un va trop loin dans une scène, en particulier une scène de combat ou d'amour ?

James Marsters:
Dans une scène de combat, vous allez voir le chorégraphe pour arranger
cela. Ils font très attention avec les acteurs à Hollywood. Pour une
scène d'amour, je suis toujours celui qui pousse trop loin.

Dans le dernier numéro de la saison 8 de Buffy, Joss Whedon rend Buffy gay.
Que pensez-vous de ce choix ? Et, qu'aurait pensé Spike de cela ?

J'ai demandé à Joss
et il m'a répondu qu'elle n'était pas nécessairement homosexuelle mais
faisait l'expérience. Spike n'accepterait pas qu'elle soit gay
contrairement à moi.

Quelle qualité en vous aimeriez-vous améliorer ?

Ma discipline, je me détends de trop.

Si vous pouviez changer une chose pour faciliter la vie du genre masculin, que changeriez-vous ?

Je rendrais acceptable pour les hommes de pleurer.

Interprétez-vous une de vos nouvelles
chansons à quelqu'un pour approbation avant de les enregistrer ou de
les jouer sur scène ? Ou faites-vous confiance à votre propre jugement ?

Je les joue pour
mes amis et ma famille, pas vraiment pour leur approbation mais
simplement vraiment parce que je suis excité d'avoir écrit une chanson.

Citation :

How do you handle it if someone takes things too far in a scene, especially a fight scene or a love scene?
a fight scene you go to the fight choreographer and he would definitely
fix it. They’re very careful with actors in Hollywood. For a love
scene I’m always the one pushing it too far.

the last issue of Buffy's comic seasson 8 Joss makes Buffy gay. What do
you think about this choice? And, what would Spike have thought about

I asked Joss about that and he said that she wasn’t
necessarily gay but was experimenting. Spike would not accept that she
was gay, but I would.

What quality in yourself would you like to improve?
My discipline. I relax too well.

If you could change one thing to make life easier for your own gender, what would you change?
I would make it acceptable for guys to cry.

there a particular event - eg. Vietnam, Watergate, or a particular
person that made you politically aware or was it something you grew up

I grew up in a hippy household but the politics were
not shared with me. It was midway through the Reagan administration
that I began to wake up. It wasn’t until midway through the Bush Sr.
administration when he raided the social security fund to balance the
budget and nine months later claimed that Social Security was not
solvent and needed to be “fixed”, which was a buzz word for killing the
program. I think I was 23 years old.

you play any of your new songs to anyone first for their approval
before you record them or perform them on stage? Or do you trust your
own judgement?

I play them for my friends and family, not really for their approval but really just because I’m excited that I wrote a song.

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MessageSujet: Re: James Marsters   

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James Marsters
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